How many podcasts episodes should I launch with?

Three to five episodes is considered a robust number of episodes to release at launch. This gives your audience a solid sample of the tone, style and content of your podcast. As you’re deciding how many episodes to release when you launch, you’ll want to consider if you will be releasing a series where people can binge listen or a podcast where each episode is mutually exclusive and does not have to be listened to in sequential order. If you are releasing daily, weekly or monthly shows then ask yourself if creating content on a consistent basis will be challenging for you? If so, be conservative with the number you release at once so you can maintain a backlog to allow yourself to create more and adhere to your release schedule. Be careful not to overwhelm your listeners with too many episodes because that can backfire. I launched my podcast Journey to There with 10 episodes and the feedback was there were just too many. The listeners expressed feelings of being behind when I was just getting started! In hindsight, I could’ve saved 6-7 of those episodes for future releases.