How to Live Psychopath Free with Jackson MacKenzie

How to live your life free from toxic relationships and emotional abuse.

Jackson MacKenzie & Traci talk openly about their journey through toxic relationships in love and in business.

Ditch the fairy tale stories and be real in what is happening inside the relationship.

What is the difference between having your heartbroken and being in a relationship with a person with a personality disorder?

Relationships with toxic people can occur outside of an intimate relationship. They can appear out of nowhere and catch you off guard until you recognize the pattern.

How can you protect yourself from these predatorial type of people?

What is the difference between narcissism, borderline personality and a psychopath?

Are certain personality types vulnerable to these disorders?

Identify the most subtle and undermining characteristics of psychopath tendencies

What are “pink flags” and why do we ignore them?

Tips for how to leave these types of these relationships and how to avoid them all together.
If you feel like you like you lost yourself remember. You did not go away.


Protect Yourself First

If you feel like you like you lost yourself remember. You did not go away.

Our hurt lasts for as long as we let it.

Note to Self:
Nobody wants to eat a half baked cake.


The True Self doesn’t actually go anywhere.
~Jackson MacKenzie

It’s real but not true.


Jackson is a young gay guy who loves cats and Christmas. He works with a tech company in New England, and spends most of his free time hiking and taking bubble baths. He is writing a new book about trauma and the heart.


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