Healing Your Heart From The Inside Out

Jaquelyn is the Founder of Heartwood Healing, Heartwood Sanctuary, and the Creator of the Heartwood Self Mastery program. A motivational speaker and writer of 14 books and Co-Founder of Healing Words television show. We know each other because we worked together on a really fun project for Weight Watchers International and we really developed a really nice intersection between personal and business growth.

What does healing from the heart mean to you?

Healing modalities that help learn how to master yourself from the inside out and heal yourself from the inside out

Mindlessness if effort. You want to it because it feels so good to do it

One of the things that are so critical to self-care and to really understanding the heart is looking at the science behind the fact we are not this separate thing. Scientists like to break us into two in the healthcare world. We’re not a brain and a body. We’re not a brain and emotions and a body. We are all one integrated human that evolved to this place in order to have emotions for a purpose and we have you know we our body tell it talks to us all of the time

Figure out the trigger that leads to bad behavior and then replace the behavior to new and more positive behavior.

The Heartwood Sanctuary is an online membership and an online oasis for rest, restoration, and rejuvenation.

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