Living a Richer Life by Design with Jonathan Krueger

  • What does living a richer life by design mean to you? Jonathan Krueger, Investment Advisor Representative and co-founder of Lionsgate Advisors, shares his philosophies around leadership, financial and spiritual growth, and how his focus on family and core values impacted him starting and running his business in St. Louis, Missouri.

    In this episode: 

    Meet Jonathan Krueger, the visionary behind Lionsgate Advisors and the host of Living a Richer Life by Design.

    • Learn about the story behind Jonathan naming his podcast and why it’s significant to the intersection of personal & business growth.
    • Traci shares her insights on observing Jonathan’s powerful leadership principles in action and how his core values are reflected in all areas of his business.
    • Excellence, Relentless Implementation, and Empowerment are the 3 core values of Lionsgate Advisors.
    • Hear insights on how the authenticity of connecting to the community can make an impact on business growth while making a difference in the community.
    • Learn about the Caring Matrix and how Jonathan implements it in his personal, professional, and spiritual life.
    • How does financial planning integrate into your personal and business life?

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