Building Businesses That Shape The World To Be A Better Place with Suzanne Evans

Suzanne Evans went from secretary to a 7 million dollar business. Her company, Driven Inc, has been on the Inc 500/5000 list of fasting growing companies for 5 straight years. Her NY Times Best Selling book, “The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything”, set hundreds of thousands of business owners on their fast path to success.

Suzanne tells us to stop trying to change the world. Instead, we need to take a look and the mirror and start changing ourselves. Most people want to get everything right. However, we can’t wait to be ready. You have to be willing to do it regardless of what people think about you and regardless of what you think about you. Tune in as Suzanne speaks about why we need to stop being indecisive and she gives us the scoop on her FREE program of daily resources and coaching.

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