Love to Lose with Camille Martin

Meet Camille Martin, a registered dietitian, public health writer, and former chronic dieter. Her book, Love To Lose: Love Your Life and Watch the Weight Lose Itself, explores precisely why you haven’t been successful losing weight and how to change all that. Camille, based on her personal and professional experience, explains why diets will never, ever work, and exactly what does. 

When we’re going through a hard time, emotional eating and alcohol can be significant issues. Many women use food to fill a void; you can tell you’re an emotional eater if you eat when you’re not hungry, you devour every single thing on your plate, and the act of eating is what fills you up rather than what you’re eating. Until you fix how you’re eating, then what you’re eating won’t matter. First, improve your habits, then you can focus on what’s on the plate. 

Camille reveals a concrete plan to change your habits and break free from our downward spiral. Plus, she shows how to be your authentic self and live a fulfilling life that you truly love. 

In This Episode:

  • It’s not what you’re eating as much as it is the way you’re eating. If you don’t fix the way you’re eating, then what you’re eating is entirely irrelevant.
  • You don’t have any idea of what you’re thinking about throughout your day. Stop and write down what you’re thinking. That way, you can change your habits.
  • The most significant reason we stay stuck for so long is that we forget who we really are. Tap into your inner power to live a satisfying life that you genuinely love.

Meet Camille Martin

Camille is a registered dietitian, public health writer, and former chronic dieter dedicated to helping women quit dieting, set bigger and better goals, reclaim their excitement for life — and lose weight in the process. She spent nearly 25 years of her life on a diet, and she is passionate about showing women how to break free from the downward dieting spiral of failure and the shame it brings. Camille learned through a long (and sometimes painful) process how to improve her relationship with food, change her destructive habits and negative thought patterns, and lose weight without dieting.

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