Unraveling Your Subconscious Thinking

Dr. Ginger Campbell talks about her journey with passion for neuroscience, her own podcast, Brain Science, and her book, “Are You Sure? The Unconscious Origins of Certainty,” in hopes to share her knowledge with others. Listen to Dr. Campbell and expand your knowledge of the human’s subconscious mind, the decision making process, and our emotional effect on memories as time goes on. 

In This Episode:

[02:18] Dr. Campbell talks about beginning her podcast, Brain Science, in 2006.
[06:53] Dr. Campbell’s spiritual journey and expertise in the neuroscience field.
[10:44] All about her book and what she hopes to share with people.
[13:01] Describing the “Feeling of Knowing”.
[17:12] Individual personalities and the effects it has on their decision making processes.
[20:07] Dr. Campbell describes cognitive dissonance.
[27:17] Traci and Dr. Campbell speak about the process of rationalization and how it affects those dealing with addiction.
[32:42] Memory recall and how it keeps changing over time.
[36:51] The concept of ‘Flashbulb Memory’ and the role of our emotions.
[42:54] The ‘Three Day Rule’ and following our intuition.

Key Takeaways:

  • On her own spiritual journey, Dr. Campbell became interested in studying the unconscious mind while reading eastern and western medicine. She became fascinated by the way that science actually starts off as philosophy and turns into science and the idea of consciousness and unconsciousness to study the power of the mind became her main focus of study and research.
  •  Dr. Campbell feels strongly about educating people on the way that the brain works. The key thing she wants people to understand is knowing the way the brain works so we understand our own behavior and others behavior. It’s also important to understand that most of what our brain does is unconscious and that’s why we can do things without really thinking about them. 
  • Memory is dynamic and it can be easy to create false memories in our minds by hearing things from other people and soon enough your memories and theirs can be mixed together.  


Dr. Ginger Campbell is best known for her highly respected podcast Brain Science, which launched back in 2006. She has a passion for making complex ideas accessible and helping scientists share their work with non-scientists. Dr. Campbell is also the author of “Are You Sure? The Unconscious Origins of Certainty.” She lives in Birmingham, AL where she cares for veterans at the Birmingham VA Medical Center.

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