Art as a Business and a Lifestyle

Today we welcome founder and CEO of All She Makes, Svitlana Martynjuk, to talk about her passion to connect women artists all over the world. Svitlana developed All She Makes to promote women in art & business and we hear about her journey to help other women artists. You’ll hear about the history of women in the arts and the many ways she’s helped support current women artists to help them make a career out of their craft.


In This Episode:

  • [01:16] Svitlana’s background in art and developing her All She Makes
  • [03:14] Statistics of women in the arts
  • [05:14] Her inspiration to start All She Makes
  • [06:39] Gender disparity in the Arts
  • [10:26] This history of women in the arts
  • [15:33] Svitlana’s art story and journey
  • [18:52] Changing the narrative on being able to make your art a career not just a hobby
  • [23:03] Existing opportunities for women artists


Key Takeaways:

  • Throughout history, women were not allowed to show their art and this made a gender disparity for women who want to make art their career. Svitlana’s passion for getting women’s art displayed has helped women be able to profit off of their art pieces.
  • As an artist, starting with your local grassroots community can be key to building your business. A community loves to support locally and this can be a great stepping stone for your art business. 
  • Svitlana wanted to build a community where women artists could feel a sense of positivity and be able to relate to others. Her goal was to help these artists know they had others to turn to in similar situations to lift them up about anything in the art and business world. 



Svitlana was born and raised in the beautiful western capital region of Rivne, Ukraine. She is an artist, founder, and CEO of all SHE makes – an online directory increasing visibility for women artists worldwide. 

Svitlana moved to the United States where she completed her education in Fine Art, Psychology, and Strategic Management. Inspired by the human mind and with a fascination for nature, Svitlana is a traveler at heart and appreciates experience through interaction and exploring the complexities of diversity in people. Currently works and resides in Michigan, USA.


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