Start Where You Are: Moving From Fear to Hope

During this last year, Covid taught us that we don’t have control over our lives. We are living through anger, pain, sadness, and many other emotions including one of our most powerful emotions, vulnerability. The guest of today’s episode is Cheryl Holling, an award winning voice over talent and host of the podcast 19 Stories; From Fear to Hope. In today’s conversation, she shares why life is just beginning at 55 and how she is using her voice to create a platform for other people’s stories to be heard.

In This Episode:
[07:08] Cheryl’s early radio days started when she decided to continue her dad’s legacy.
[13:23] Cheryl is sharing other people’s stories in her podcast 19Stories. But how did Covid-19 affect her life?
[20:20] The moment when Cheryl felt experienced imposter syndrome.
[12:05] Once you understand the value of self-care, you will prioritize it more frequently.
[24:55] Why it’s important to empower people to start where they are, regardless of who they are or how old they are.
[29:30] Although it’s 2021, unfortunately, ageism is still present.
[36:45] How Covid has influenced our ability to manage the fact that we don’t have control over our lives.
[42:00] What is Cheryl’s message for those who want to move from fear to hope?

Key Takeaways:
Life can actually begin at 55, no matter what we get from the messages in the media
Vulnerability is a gift we need to give to ourselves more often and inspire others to do the same.
Start where you are. No matter how old you are or what your background is. It’s really never too late.

Cheryl was packaged in Canada and distributed in Los Angeles. She grew up around music and acting, a passion for radio and the different mediums of communication, immersion in the arts & being of service. That translated into a diverse career both in front of and behind the mic and camera. It’s also afforded her a unique insight into a myriad of production environments, the demands of each one, and the ability to use discretion, diplomacy, and respect for all the players involved in a project. Not to mention the value of delivering content on time.

Cheryl followed her love of music by doing national radio & record promotion for some of the top Jazz artists in the business and served as a music host on numerous NPR stations in California. She used her handmade leather satchel to carry music to the station and referred to it as her “sound satchel” and named one of her shows ‘The Sound Satchel’. It became the obvious choice when naming her business and voice-over studio.

After 10+ years of promotion, Cheryl pursued her other love and went to New York for a brief study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Upon returning to L.A., she continued studying acting, improv with Second City, joined SAG, and enjoyed a modicum of success in tv & film before being presented with the opportunity to be an ad agency commercial producer.

Cheryl also had the great pleasure to work as Talent Producer on the Writers Guild of America, West, Award Show for two years, and prior to that, served as the show’s first female live announcer.

She resides in the Bay Area and shortly after building her dream voice studio out of a former recording studio, the Tubbs fire affected the adjoining business and she moved her voice services in-house. She’s also back doing some on-camera work for locally filmed productions and corporate training.

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