Find Your Joy through Human Design With Guest Kelsey Abbott

It’s more important than ever to find joy in this world. In today’s episode of Journey to There, I chat with Kelsey Abbott about the importance of finding your joy through Human Design. Kelsey is an Intuitive Human Design Reader and certified professional coach who is a manifesting generator – living her life by her design and finding (and helping others find) joy. Join us as we take a deep dive into the importance of understanding Human Design and using it to find your truth, break out of your cages, and find your own “awesome.” This is the permission you’ve been waiting for!

In This Episode:

  • [02:46] Kelsey’s journey from Marine Biologist to Human Design Reader/Coach
  • [06:29] Training for triathlons as play?
  • [12:53] Breaking down the 5 different energy types
  • [18:26] The value in understanding your design to find your joy (and deal with business bullies)
  • [21:20] The power of letting go of the “not this” to discover the “this”
  • [25:57] Weeding through advice meant for the masses instead of the individual
  • [30:50] The gift of grace and charm and communicating clearly
  • [35:12] Kelsey’s biggest takeaway for you to start finding your “awesome” today

Key Takeaways:

Understanding your own Human Design is your biggest permission slip to be who you are meant to be.
Humans are not made for cages. We are not meant to be conformed to a box, labeled and distilled in a single way.
You have all the answers within you. However, it can take some digging to find them. A coach can help bring the answers right out of you, because those are the answers that are going to be true for you. Those are the ones that are going to be aligned with your soul.
Telling the truth to yourself, the universe, and other people will lead you to finding your joy and following it.

Kelsey Abbott is an intuitive Human Design Reader, a Certified Professional Coach, Instigator of Joy, and the host of the Find Your Awesome podcast. She helps spiritual adventurers remember who they are and why they’re here so they amplify their impact and send ripples of light across the planet—all with ease, joy, flow, magic, and miracles. She believes that the universe wants us to be sparklyAF and that joy is our natural state. When Kelsey isn’t playing in her business, she’s bringing curiosity, play, and joy to triathlon–a sport she races as an elite amateur. After a decade in Maine and 16 months of traveling around the U.S. in a small camper, Kelsey now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband. In case you haven’t guessed, Kelsey is a Manifesting Generator living her design and following the joy.

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