Encore – Finding Your Voice to Move from a Survivor to a Thriver 

In honor of Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, we are re-releasing this episode with guest Tambry Harris. She is selling her book, Awakening the Light, at a 25% discount as well as offering a free “Talk to Tambry” session.

Did you know that keeping traumas unresolved can result in lowering expectations of how others should treat us? It is not an easy process to face our early childhood traumas. That’s why it’s important to create a safe space where you can share whatever it is that you need to share. And no matter how difficult the healing process is, feeling stuck in your own life is always worse. Tune in to this episode of Journey to There to hear the experiences and wisdom of Tambry Harris, a spiritual and life coach who went through the process of peeling the layers of trauma and now is helping others do the same thing and get to the other side where we feel loved and free. 

In This Episode:

  • [03:00] How childhood abuse influenced Tambry’s adult life.
  • [08:15] The importance of having someone to share your fears with.  
  • [10:28] How does shame affect us in keeping secrets?
  • [13:30] Tambry had a sense of not being worthy for a long time. Here’s how she understood where this feeling came from. 
  • [15:30] How keeping traumas unresolved can result in lowering expectations of how others should treat us?
  • [18:40] Where to start the healing process when we feel stuck?

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s really helpful to have someone you can be vulnerable with, no matter what it is that you need to share.
  • We need to talk about our traumas and what hurt us because it’s the only way we’ll understand it and finally let it go.  
  • You deserve to be loved. You need to claim it. 
  • It takes a lot of courage to face your fears, but the freedom on the other side is always worth it.


Tambry is a spiritual director as well as a leadership and life coach who helps others claim their best selves and lives. This involves clients looking objectively at their innate character and abilities and intentionally embracing their whole selves.

Her twenty years of coaching and seven years of spiritual direction translate into her work with survivors of abuse through the Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers organization. She has a Master’s in Applied Psychology and certifications in the areas of Leadership Coaching, Spiritual Direction, Change Management, and Diversity.

Tambry found her voice, named her truth, and created a vision to help others who have experienced the pain and shame of abuse find healing, strength, and freedom. Through her organization, Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers, she provides individual guidance, retreats, and speaking engagements to bring awareness and light into the shame and silence of abuse and trauma.

Her calling is to inspire people to move beyond the initial awareness and therapy to a new level of wholeness that comes with claiming their Going-Forward Story and reveling in their unique gifts, abilities, and power to live a wholehearted, meaningful life-embracing mind, body, and spirit.

Her Book: Awakening the Light: A Survivors to Thrivers Going-Forward Story (A 2020 American Book Fest Best Book Finalist). As we make our wounds visible and available, they can be of service to the healing of others. This story of wounding, struggle, and healing encourages survivors to claim their going forward stories. Tambry’s experiences, concepts, and heart shine light into the darkness that surrounds sexual abuse and domestic violence.

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