What is a Podcast Manager

Podcast Managers: 

Who are they and How do they make your life easier?


Podcasts have proved to thrive, constantly growing as listenership see an uptrend for the past two years (424.2 million people worldwide). More and more businesses are incorporating podcasting into their marketing campaigns to tap into this huge audience. This alone pushes podcast creators to stay ahead of the game and podcast managers to level up their support roles. 


Who are Podcast Managers?


Podcast managers are rockstars ensuring each podcast episode is produced, edited, and post-processed following the creator’s vision and goal. In the absence of podcast managers, creators are overwhelmed and overworked having to create everything by themselves. Don’t get us wrong, it’s possible to do all these by oneself, though having someone help makes it a whole lot easier and stress-free. Additionally, imagine the extra time to focus more on the podcast’s content, guests, and interviews.

So, in the simplest sense, a podcast manager offers a support role wherein this particular person oversees the entire podcast production from start to finish. The podcast manager works closely with clients for a seamless operation.


5 Qualities of an Effective Podcast Manager


Succeeding as a podcast manager requires possessing certain skills and qualities to be effective in this role.


1. Detail Oriented

Podcast managers must have a strong understanding of their client’s branding for them to keep every detail – the script, content, guests, editing, etc. – consistent and on-point.

Apart from branding, podcast managers should both have an eye and ear for detail. Eye for the visual components of the podcasts like the show notes or social media postings for promotion. And, an ear for the audio quality and content flow.


2. Organized

Podcast managers keep track of all the episodes to be conceptualized, produced, and published may it be in a list form or a calendar view. They know which episode should be prioritized for editing, in the same way, which must be published on a particular date and time. Ask them the current episode number and they’ll answer right away. 


3. Amicable

Being a people person comes naturally to podcast managers who deal with guests for the show. As podcast managers, there will be a lot of reaching out to these guests, establishing rapport with them, and making their visit to the show worthwhile. Whether there are guests or not, being amicable leads to trust which all clients would love to have.


4. Multitasker

Since management is the heart of a podcast manager’s role, it isn’t surprising these people have mastered the ability to juggle between two or more tasks without compromising quality. These managers put on multiple hats daily to get things done.


5. Updated 

The podcasting industry continues to evolve and grow, it’s the responsibility of the podcast managers to stay updated with the trends and the landscape to offer their clients actionable insights and recommendations to further improve the podcasts, grow their audience, and scale the business.


8 Ways They Make Your Life Easier


First things first, who are the people or groups of people that a podcast manager can help out with? Easy. Any individuals or businesses which have a podcast published online. These clients come from all walks of life, from all over the world. Each with their brand voice.

Now, in what ways can a podcast manager help these potential clients?


1. Conceptualization & Research

Brainstorm buddies are what podcast managers are. They help conceptualize a show, prepare a script, research relevant topics to include, and search for the right guests to invite.


2. Guest Management

Podcast managers ensure guests are properly scheduled with the agreed-upon time, date, and episode topic through calendar invites. They are also to brief these guests on what the episode is about, how the interview will go, and other relevant details they must know. 


3. Audio Management

No need to worry about consuming a great amount of time cleaning the audio recording of the episodes as the podcast managers will remove any unnecessary noise or audio to maintain the quality of the podcast. Incorporating other elements such as personal intros and outros, music, and sound effects is also part of the service.


4. Copywriting & Transcription

Every podcast episode is accompanied by show notes in which a summary of the episode offers a preview of what the discussion would be about. Podcast managers write attention-grabbing show notes that capture the audience’s interest, hopefully, enough to get them to listen. The show notes could also include additional information and resources that the listeners can access.

Transcription, on the other hand, is physically typing the episode word-for-word to provide a written copy of the episode. This can be used for two purposes: (1) to provide an additional layer of documentation on the client’s part, and (2) to offer a different way of consuming content for the audience who prefer to read along as they listen.  


5. Publishing

Podcasts are published through multiple platforms (e.g. Spotify, Apple, Stitcher), these can be hosting accounts, websites, or even social media. Podcast managers are aware of these platforms and have mastered uploading episodes on them, complete with show notes, relevant information, show details, and more.


6. Marketing & Promoting

Once a podcast is published, the managers would then have to seek the right audience to consume the content. This is where marketing and promoting comes in. The podcast managers are skilled in creating social media posts, graphics, and audiograms to distribute the podcast online and generate traffic leading to the podcast. 


7. Public Relations

Podcast managers serve as a liaison between clients and potential connections. They help build relationships, create partnerships,  attract sponsors, and get booked for other podcasts – this helps in scaling the business.


8. Offer Feedback & Improvements

Since the podcast managers have a 360° view of the podcast processes, they are the best persons to ask for ways to better the show. Along the production process, they might have seen loopholes, inefficient systems, or unnecessary topics, trust that these gaps they’ve found would be filled up and addressed to better the show in and out.



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