Advertising & Sponsorships Consulting

Did you know you could monetize your podcast with sponsors? Think your show is too small to get sponsors? Think again. Businesses know the power of a passionate listener and they’re eager to associate their brand names with popular and like-minded podcasters. We can show you the ropes: how to target potential sponsorships, make successful contact with the decision maker, and how to present the benefits of your show to them.

We are experts with over 25 years of experience in sponsorship sales. Let us help you craft the perfect sponsor packages for your podcast.

Sponsorship Package Development Package includes:

• Analysis of your show and metrics to determine sponsorship options
• Create customized Sponsorship packages which outline the values, language, deliverables and pricing
• Develop a customized Sales letter and talking points to use when you present the sponsorships
• Follow up calls to review packages, role play and address potential sponsor feedback
• Provide a Sponsorship agreement to use once the sponsorship is secured