Equipment Sourcing and Setup

You do not need to stress about getting the right equipment!

You do not need to stress about getting the right equipment! You also don’t always need the most expensive equipment. Our Engineer will work with you to determine your needs, ship it to you and do a soundcheck so you feel confident with your recording set up. 

When you work with us to launch your podcast we take every measure to be certain you have at best equipment for your recording needs.

Our process starts with the launch specialist scheduling you a diagnostic consultation with an audio engineer. They will connect with you and test your internet connection and do an analysis of any existing equipment you’ve purchased or been using.

Once the diagnostic is complete, the engineer will make recommendations of any equipment you need to upgrade your existing equipment or for a brand new studio set up.

We place the order for the equipment and have it shipped directly to you. Our launch specialist will track your shipment and coordinate a set up and sound check appointment with the engineer timed to your delivery schedule.

Your sound check with the audio engineer includes testing all the equipment and sound check to verify your sound levels and connections.  

When you are ready to record your first episode, we record you, your co-hosts and your guests from anywhere you're located by connecting you to a live engineer in our studios or you can record on your own. Either way, we make sure you're set up with the best quality equipment at the most cost effective price.

Our engineer will source the equipment you need, ship it to you, set it up and do a sound check with you. You can feel confident your equipment is affordable and top quality!

What comes with the equipment?

Our standard equipment package for new podcasters includes:
One Microphone and Mic Stand One Set of Headphones
A Focusrite USB audio interface box which connects to your laptop
All the necessary cords to connect everything

Video Production setup includes a webcam and ring light

You only pay for the equipment you need. We offer this service to ensure the best quality audio and video outcome for your recordings.  

Equipment set up starts at $695 for audio set up and $895 for video set up