How do I get started?
Getting the best quality podcast production and staying in your budget is crucial for your show to stand out among the sea of shows out there. Produce Your Podcast is a full service, turn- key podcast consulting agency. We provide you with the most cost-effective launch strategy and broadcast quality production services. Already have a podcast? We offer all the production and marketing services to existing podcasters. We also help you kick things up a notch with Podcast Power Audits are deep dive consulting sessions  designed to elevate the quality of your podcast. Schedule your FREE consultation and we will walk you through next steps.
Do I have to buy a package or can I get just audio files edited?
Most of our clients find they are happier when they invest in our full service turnkey program but if audio editing is all you need- we got you.
Do I need a website for my podcast?
Yes, you’ll need a website. It is a great place for your audience to find your archived episodes, read more about your guests and explore all of the valuable sources your provide on your show. We have a team of designers ready to get your site up and optimized for your show. We can also integrate the specific podcast components into your already existing website.
What hosting platforms do you recommend?
There are several hosting platforms that you can choose from that all have different features and benefits. We typically recommend Libsyn.
How do I make money from my podcast?
This is a great question and the answer is exciting yet not so simple. You can set up a free 30 minute mapping session call and we can discuss monetizing your podcast in more detail.
What equipment should I buy?
There are all types of equipment at multiple levels of investment. It is hard to decipher which one is the right mic or what to buy to get the best quality sound. Produce Your Podcast makes this so easy. We help you figure out what you need then we source it, ship it to you and have our engineers contact you to help set it up. All you have to worry about is showing up for the sound check once it is delivered to your door!
What If I'm not sure about my idea for a podcast?
The concept and development of a podcast is crucial to the success of your show. Apple has over 550,000 podcasts available on iTunes right now. How is yours going to stand out? Our team of broadcast professionals will work with you one on one to develop, concept and create the best show content, creative and format for your podcast.
How soon can you get my podcast up and running?
It typically takes 45-60 days from zero to launch. Our start up package concepts and produces your show with a professional voiceover and a licensed music bed then we submit for iTunes approval and distribute it to all the major platforms and directories. Once you are launched we produce your show weekly or bi-monthly and handle as much of the details as you would like us to handle for you. Now…that is full service!
What is a podcast strategy mapping session?
This is a session that helps you identify your podcast strategy and map out the best way to create, produce, distribute, market and monetize your show.
Can you help with the post-production and syndication process of my existing podcast?
Yes, we offer all of our services for existing podcasts . Contact us and we will work together to create the most cost efficient strategy for you.
How important is great production for a podcast?
We believe that with Apple hosting over 2,000,000 podcasts that broadcast quality production is imperative for your show to stand out as one of the best of the best. Our team is made up of professionals with over 25 years in the radio and TV business and we know how to produce award winning audio & video. We also understand how important it is to do affordably. You can have great sounding audio and stay on budget. Ask us how!