Instructions: There are a lot of aspects of your podcast to review when determining where you can make changes that result in the biggest impact for you and your audience.

Use this checklist to help you acknowledge your wins, and identify those areas where you can benefit from support. For any concepts or changes you want assistance or are unsure about, check the “Ask Traci” box so your consulting call will be productive.

When it comes to my podcast…

  • Podcast Name

  • Podcast Cover Art

  • Podcast Show Description

  • Podcast Open

  • Podcast Close

  • Podcast Format

  • Podcast Episode Content

  • Podcast Audio

  • Guest Management

  • Podcast Marketing

  • Podcast Monetization

  • Podcast Time Management

  • This is not required but if you are comfortable providing it - I will be able to asses your settings and stats more thoroughly during the audit.