The Brave Files | Real Stories of People Living Courageously | Hosted by Life, Business and Success Coach Heather Vickery

The Brave Files Podcast is ranked in the top 1.5% globally out of over 2MM podcasts.  Everything we want in life is just on the other side of uncomfortable, says award-winning entrepreneur and success coach Heather Vickery. Each week Heather introduces you to a new guest who is moving beyond fear and doubt to achieve amazing things in life, business, education, the arts, politics and more. These inspiring stories flow from the authentic truth all guests bring to the conversation. In their own voices, you’ll hear people from diverse backgrounds relate all the ways they’re breaking down barriers, celebrating victories and giving back in a way that adds meaning and purpose to their lives and their communities. Progress never happens in a straight line … but these powerful stories will remind you of the limitless possibilities open to us when we CHOOSE BRAVELY. More free resources and perspectives at vickeryandco.com.