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Podcast Power Audit

Podcast Power Audit provides professional insights focused on positive enhancements to your podcast.

You’ve done a lot of work. Spent a lot of time and resources and now you want to be sure your podcast is the best it can be and build a great audience of loyal subscribers.

The Podcast Power Audit Includes:

  • Checklist of Thought Starters to get you started
  • 1.5 hours of consulting held over video sessions
  • Analysis of your discovery strengths and weaknesses
  • Review your podcast episodes and provide detailed review of your podcast format
  • Assess Audio quality, Equipment & Production Process
  • Review call to action and monetization strategy
  • Optimize Marketing Strategy to accelerate audience growth & drive engagement
  • Action plan of tactile next steps to up level your podcast
  • Additional 30 minute follow up consulting session
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Testimonial from April Williams, Host of BariNation

Testimonial from Judith Weigle, Host of The Amicable Divorce Expert

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