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Educators Among Us

Educators Among Us

Welcome to the Educators Among Us Podcast! We are devoted to walking the journey with those who heed the call to teach, coach, lead, and serve at all levels of education. We speak your language and understand the challenges you face because we’ve been there too. We get it and we got you!


This podcast is uniquely designed to share inspiring messages that connect with the heart of your life’s work. This includes candid conversations with and about unusually impactful educators, exploring their stories and how they found joy in the journey: Learn about the educators who inspired them, the strategies they used to overcome obstacles, and the enduring influence they have on colleagues, students, parents, and communities.


Hosted by Scott Barron, a life-long educator and organizational growth expert to hundreds of schools around the world. He is passionate about encouraging educators in both their calling and in their faith. Scott serves as the Executive Director of the nonprofit, Educators Fellowship, and is the author of, Love ‘em and Lead ‘em: Encouragement and Inspiration for Educators.


This podcast is for educators by educators. Whether you are a new teacher or a seasoned administrator, a board member or a staff person, this podcast is for you. Please join us on this journey of inspiration, motivation, and transformation as we celebrate the courage, dedication, and passion of educators around the world. Subscribe to the Educators Among Us podcast today, and let’s grow together.

Scott Barron Bio


Scott Barron is an educator, entrepreneur, and author who is recognized as a leading voice advocating for and encouraging educators in their calling and in their faith. He serves as the Chief Reinvention Officer of School Growth LLC (schoolgrowth.com) and the Executive Director of Educators Fellowship (edfellowship.org). Scott earned his M.Ed from Johns Hopkins University, along with a B.A. in Religion and a B.S. in Computer Science from Mars Hill University. He serves on the National Advisory Council for the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, and recently published the acclaimed book, Love’em and Lead’em: Encouragement and Inspiration for Educators. Scott’s combination of experience as an educator, business leader, EdTech advisor, college instructor, author, and executive coach gives him a unique perspective and valuable wisdom that is utilized by organizations around the world. www.educatorsamongus.com


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June 1, 2023



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