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Happy Teacher Happy Life

Happy Teacher Happy Life

Happy Teacher Happy Life is a podcast that empowers you, the educator, to be your best and live your best life. As a certified administrator coach, Lynn Hardin keeps it simple. Her story as a teacher is marked by a lifetime spent out of balance, but she shares with you how she finally got it together and how she is now living her happiest life. Educators are the frontline workers with students and Lynn understands the unique pressures that come with the job. By bringing you personal development resources such as book reviews, wellness tools, art fun, and interviews with industry experts, she will help answer all of your burning questions and guide you to create the results you really want to thrive in your career and your life. Tune in each week, and get coached to refine your happiness and self-love, and feel inspired to overcome the issues that are affecting you. Find your happy place and create your happy life.

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July 29, 2022



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