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I Want To Be Happy

I Want To Be Happy

Welcome to the I want to be Happy Podcast. Join hosts Vikki and Nate of the Mindset Team who will guide you on your path to discovering your emotional intelligence and celebrating your accomplishments! Challenge conventional thinking and assumptions. Be part of the conversation. Episodes include interviews with people from all walks of life who share perspectives on how they succeeded over their struggles. If they can do it, you can do it. When you know there is more to life but aren’t sure how to reach it, Vikki and Nate are here for you. Learn tools to help you discover your confidence, self-worth and what makes you happy. Break free from anxiety, depression, and unproductive habits in a safe space with the support and guidance of the Mindset Team. They invite you to grab a warm beverage, get comfy and join the conversation for some fun and helpful advice on investing in yourself.

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October 13, 2022



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