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Joy Lab

Joy Lab

Welcome to the Joy Lab Podcast, a podcast that goes beyond your ears, working to help you uncover and foster your most joyful self. Hosts, Drs. Henry Emmons and Aimee Prasek, bring you the ideal mix of soulful and scientifically sound tools to help you not only create resilience in mind and body, but bring more joy back into your life. Subscribe for your monthly infusion of joy and be guided through Joy Lab’s four pillar process, a process fully-focused on helping you ignite your own personal transformation. After subscribing, head over to JoyLab.coach and join the Lab to benefit from the full Joy Lab program.

Joy Lab’s unique and powerful program integrates concepts of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral techniques, the science of mindfulness, and the wisdom of one’s soul. It’s a surprisingly real-world relevant approach to not only support your mood and calm anxiousness, but to help you uncover and nurture your joy while reconnecting with your deepest self. Learn more at JoyLab.coach.

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April 26, 2022



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