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Profit First Nation

Profit First Nation

Welcome to Profit First Nation, the podcast that helps you achieve permanent profitability in your business by taking action to implement Profit First right. Hosted by Danielle Mulvey, a Profit First expert, and Mike Michalowicz, the author of Profit First, this podcast is for the top 17% of entrepreneurs who have cash in the bank to correlate with their profitability.


On the podcast, we dive into advanced Profit First strategies by sharing the honest and authentic ups and downs of being a business owner. Each episode provides information for entrepreneurs focused on taking the right steps and seeking appropriate advice from professionals in accounting, legal, tax, or other relevant areas. You’ll also hear transformational stories from business owners who have turned their businesses from cash eating monsters to money making machines with cash in the bank to correlate to their profitability by implementing the Profit First System.


With a focus on intelligent entrepreneurship, Profit First Nation guides you on how to take ownership of your finances and leverage Profit First as a DIY cash management system to make your business permanently profitable. 


If you’re a fan of Profit First and Mike Michalowicz, this is the podcast for you. Join in on our community of successful entrepreneurs driven to be permanently profitable, with a grit and growth mindset that lets no obstacle stand in the way in pursuit of the three Ps: passion, profit, and play.


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August 2, 2023



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