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Sinner Saint & Soapmaker

Sinner Saint & Soapmaker

This is the confessional for the art, entrepreneurialism, and exaltation of handcrafted soaps; cosmetics; and perfumes. It’s also a celebration of those who learn it, make it, sell it, teach it, preach it, and everything in between. You may be thinking a podcast dedicated to soap sounds boring, but I can assure you that something with a reputation as clean as soap most definitely has a filthy and entertaining side.


It’s also a peek behind the shower curtain of my universe of beauty, bathing, and business. I have twenty-three years of historical accounts of exorcisms and miracles around the art of soap & cosmetics. Thirteen of those years have been as an entrepreneur. I’m thrilled to be sitting on a present-day podcasting pulpit, of sorts, and telling the tale of two beauty brands. Bathhouse Soapery & Villainess Alchemy; the proverbial sinner and saints of the podcast and the embodiment of my good & bad girl identities.


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April 26, 2023



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