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The Uplifters

The Uplifters

It’s not too late to live your dreams. The Uplifters will show you how. This podcast is dedicated to celebrating the Uplifters: the teachers, the coaches, the caregivers, and the servant leaders who can get so focused on helping everyone around them that they forget to nurture their dreams to go, see, and do big things. But, it’s not too late. In this podcast we share the tools and strategies Uplifters use to bolster themselves, sustain their Work, and go after their purpose. The Uplifters Podcast believes that we all have limitless potential for growth and impact — but that sometimes we can feel stuck, lost, and in need of a boost to get up and claim our dreams.

“I just want to say again how massively grateful I am for Elise and my editor. They work so hard and so well to help me make the show the best it can be, I just feel so grateful for all three of you every day that I could cry. Tammie Gagnon you are so special and wonderful and I’m so deeply grateful for the way you held my hand through building this crazy beautiful thing.” – Aransas Savas

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March 31, 2023



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