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True Fiction Project

True Fiction Project

True Fiction Project is a podcast series that explores the origins of fiction. Join host Reenita Hora as she conducts interviews with guests from all walks of life. The premise of this show is to conduct a non-fiction interview and then have a fiction writer define a main character based upon something s/he picked up or was inspired by, having listened to the interview. The writer will then create a piece of short fiction around it. The reader will feel captivated by the storytelling of the short fiction pieces as they are read aloud. More about your host Reenita Reenita is a story-teller, public speaker, and wellness expert. In addition to being an Ayurveda clinician and author, Reenita is also an on-air personality, blogger, writer and producer. She spent years preparing award-winning shows for Asian Threads on RTHK Radio 3 and stimulating financial news audiences with Money For Nothing on RTHK Radio 3 and Daybreak Asia on Bloomberg Radio or producing content for a range of media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, South China Morning Post, Asian Investor, Times of India, Highlights for Children and National Geographic Kids, Cartoon Network Asia and Disney. Reenita has transitioned from a long-standing career in broadcasting, journalism, and content production into supervising content strategy and operations for Otto Radio, a tech company in the audio media space. To continue the conversation, please visit our website at www.truefictionproject.com where you can leave comments on the episode. Make sure you follow our podcast if you haven’t already. And, if you’d like to learn more about The True Fiction Project, sign up for our newsletter at www.truefictionproject.com.
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August 2, 2021



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