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GAP Live Event Info Jan 2024

Free Session for Business Owners & Leaders with Podcasts

The 5 Figure Sponsorship Plan for Your Podcast

LIVE Event is happening on Thursday, January 18 at 1pm EST / 10am PST

Securing sponsors for your podcast doesn't have to be difficult or out of alignment with your brand and content.

But there are misconceptions about the process that keeps business owners with podcasts from ever getting started or from seeing success when they try. Many podcast hosts are familiar with the traditional 30-60 second ad read, and are frustrated by the ‘content interruption’ that isn’t actually lucrative for them as a revenue stream.


Since Produce Your Podcast began in 2016, we’ve been coaching clients to create sponsorship packages that are worth their time and effort and aren’t dependent solely upon download numbers. This allows them to do everything from closing sponsors before they launch their show, to securing sponsorships without being in the thousands of downloads-per-episode zone, to creating packages with partners they + their audience are excited about.

By The End of This Session, You Will Know:

  • What Sponsors Are Looking For in Podcasting (And How to Align With It in a Way That’s Also Aligned with You)
  • Where & How to Find Sponsors For Your Show
  • The 5 Figure Sponsorship Formula
  • How to Present Your Offer to Sponsors to Get Them to a YES

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About Your Host, Traci DeForge

Traci’s 30- year professional career reflects a unique combination of award winning mixed media production, business consulting and broadcast radio expertise. From early stage startups to her work with Fortune 500 companies including Google, Hilton, Weight Watchers International, Microsoft and British Airways, Traci’s expertise identifies successful business development opportunities for innovative growth.


She is recognized as an international podcast expert, sought after speaker and media contributor featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CTV, Fortune.com, and American Express Open. She is the co-host of RadioINK’s How to Make Real Money Podcasting podcast, and the co-host of Ask Brien Radio Show on KHTS AM & FM, Los Angeles, CA. She is the Executive Producer of The Personal Finance Podcast Network and host of The Podcast Experts podcast. She’s a member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council and is on the Editorial Advisory Board of The Podcast Business Journal.