Growth Accelerator Program (GAP)

Turn Your Business Growth Focused Podcast into a Consistent and Scalable Lead Generation and Marketing Machine

The Growth Accelerator is a 6-month coaching and mastermind program designed to give you best-in-class podcast growth practices, strategic guidance from the experts, and access to a highly focused cohort of other business branded podcasters.

“GAP” will give you the tools and access to the coaching, community and accountability necessary to optimize your podcast to support your business’ sales and marketing goals.

“GAP” is for you if you’re a business generating at least $10,000 per month in revenues– and you’re ready for your podcast to up the ante on its lead generation, marketing and sales support.

If you’re looking at your podcast and wondering things like:

  • How can I turn more listeners into subscribers?
  • How can I understand my data to make better decisions about my podcast?
  • How can I integrate my podcast better with the other parts of my marketing?
  • How can my content marketing become more streamlined?
  • Are my calls-to-actions as effective as they could be?
  • How can I continue to grow my podcast audience?

Then you’ve found your exact right mastermind.

Inside the Growth Accelerator Program:

  • 1x/monthly (virtual) meeting, with structured trainings and experts along with live workshopping and Q&A to work on your specific goals and podcast
  • Access to the Growth Accelerator Report, a specialized GAP report each month containing expanded lessons and how-tos, tools, and more.
  • Professional Podcast Audit at the start of each membership to ensure your foundations for marketing and discoverability are at the desired level to maximize your time in GAP

“GAP” Will Help You:

  • Simplify and streamline your listener journey from new download through new client
  • Workshop your CTAs, content delivery and distribution to maximize exposure and audience growth
  • Refine your podcast to become your business’ biggest supporter to your sales and marketing goals
  • Understand other methods of monetization, such as sponsorships and ads, so you can include them in your podcast (if you choose) in a high integrity way
  • Capitalize on social media marketing to expand your podcast’s exposure
  • Generate feedback and close relationships with your listeners
  • Build your short and long term goals for your show as it grows alongside your business

The result: no more podcast headaches, stagnant listenership or uninspired recording sessions. We will guide you through your podcast strategy and surround you with the guidance, coaching and community you need.

Psstt – our next GAP meeting will be Monday, March 20. We are hosting a “work alongside us” audience building session where we will audit, diagnose and solve the leaky parts of your audience building strategy. See you there!