Podcast Discovery Strategy Sessions

Audio Brand & Podcast Development

Audio branding is a way to translate your brand attributes and message into distinctive audible elements. A well-crafted podcast can elevate you from the competition. It serves as the audio version of your brand by being an effective tool to build trust, loyalty and consumer confidence. It is imperative the content you’re creating matches the goals you have for your podcast.

  • Build the right foundation for your show out of the gate with an all access pass to industry experts to assist you with the creative, concept, production, marketing and monetization process of developing your podcast.
  • We answer all of your questions and you receive a customized blueprint giving you everything you need to launch your podcast.
  • Our team takes a customized message crafting approach to the development of your podcast and ensures it aligns with both your digital and physical brand experiences. We design your audio brand’s DNA. Starting with audio and then integrating into video promotions, content strategy, and immersive experiences for audience growth events.
  • Our goal is to define what makes your conversation authentic and unique and carry it through all the elements of your businesses communications. Your voice should be perceived as an extension of your company's culture, values, and mission. It should connect to listeners and instill trust. It’s our mission to make sure your podcast does exactly that and more
  • Are you....
  • Ready to launch a podcast and you’re not sure where to begin?
  • Feeling overwhelmed managing the details of your podcast launch?
  • Looking for feedback and support as you walk through the process?
  • You don’t have to jump into everything at once and figure it out by yourself.
  • This deep immersion begins with listening, research, and data-mining. Informed by our discovery, our creative process begins. Your show format and structure, energy and feel, tone of voice, and key visuals are developed.
  • Our team has over two decades of business development, broadcast radio & podcast experience. We can help you identify the best way to create, launch and monetize your podcast. One of our Podcast Experts provides customized creative exercises to help you flush out your podcast content, discuss production & equipment solutions for optimal audio quality, discoverability to grow your audience and provides insight on marketing tips specific to your brand.
  • The video calls will be recorded, transcribed and a detailed summary of the sessions will be provided. Get the expertise you need BEFORE you jump in headfirst and save yourself time and resources.
  • The Podcast Discovery Sessions Provide:
  • • A Fully flushed out show concept blueprint
  • • Pre and Post Production Budget Plan
  • • Show Distribution Outline • Sponsorship packages
  • • Marketing road map for the launch of the show
  • 3 (90 minute) 1:1 consulting sessions to review and advise on any podcasting related questions, logistics, marketing outreach, distribution, etc .Held over video conference and will be recorded.
  • Once the sessions are complete you receive a detailed blueprint including:
  • Audio Brand Strategy Summary
  • Detailed Outline of Your Podcast
  • Format broken down into segments by time
  • Call to Action customized to your revenue goals
  • Show Distribution Plan for listening platforms
  • Sponsorship Templates
  • 5 Step Social Media Outline Marketing road map for the launch of the show
  • We create podcasts designed to showcase your business and drive revenues to your bottom line.