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The Sponsorship Circle

The Sponsorship Circle

The Sponsorship Circle was created so you can learn to open up a revenue stream without limitations around niche audiences and so that you’re able to make sponsorships work for you.

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Why Join the Sponsorship Circle?

For one thing, any successful monetization plan needs a strategy. We see far too often that pursuing sponsorships feels more like ‘throwing spaghetti at the wall’ than an actual formula, and the results will usually reflect that.


If you’ve been wondering things like

  • How do I attract sponsors to my podcast?
  • What should my packages look like?
  • How can I turn this into a lucrative revenue stream (beyond just covering your podcast costs)?
  • How can I scale my sponsorships to create long term growth?
  • How and where do I find sponsors, and how do I approach in a way that works?
  • How can I navigate sponsor meetings to ensure they say yes to working with me?


Then this program is for you.


Not to mention, by the end of 2024 it is estimated that podcasting advertising revenue will hit the $4 billion mark. And podcasting continues to exceed digital trends. According to statistics, the digital ad market grew by 12% in 2022, but podcasting ad revenue grew by more than double that at 26%.

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“And it was a yes! It was an enthusiastic yes!” - Nancy Marshall, Host, The PR Maven Podcast

Who is a Good Fit For The Sponsorship Circle?

If you want to pursue lucrative sponsorships for your podcast that align with you, your brand, your show and your audience – this program is a good fit for you.


If you are looking to learn a solid, effective “rinse and repeat” process so you can learn it once and implement it again and again (even having future team members manage this for you later!) – this program is a good fit for you.


If you are coachable, open to learning the system and willing to implement – this program is a good fit for you.

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Inside The Sponsorship Circle

  1. You will work with us every month for 6 months to learn and implement our proprietary method for sponsorship and growth
  2. We will ensure you and your show are set up for sponsorship and work with you to build out your package(s) as well as long term plans to scale and develop those sponsor relationships even further
  3. We will coach you through the positioning of your sponsorship package and how to present your packages with confidence and conviction
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It….