Why Podcasting?

Why Do You Need a Podcast?

Podcasting is one of the best ways to build your brand and generate new clients. But don’t take our word for it. Today, more than 75 million Americans listen to a podcast at least once a month, according to Edison Research. On top of that, 25% of those 75 million people are what the research calls “Super Listeners.” That means they’re consuming an average of nearly two hours of audio per day! No matter who you are or what you do, there are people who want to hear about it. But let’s get specific to your industry, because there is probably a very good reason why you need a podcast!

Which one are you?

You’re a Business Owner

Podcasting offers you the platform to communicate the messages that are in alignment with your business philosophies and the mission of your business. You can literally change the conversation around what is going on in your specific industry by positioning yourself as an expert and hosting guests to provide professional perspectives.

You’re an Entrepreneur 

The old saying goes, “Entrepreneurs wear many hats.”, The new saying ought to be, “Entrepreneurs wear all of the hats!” Your primary focus is to operate a business that generates the most profit from the minimum amount of expenses. Your time is your largest expense if you are not managing it optimally. You do not have to, and should not, do everything by yourself. In the long run, letting us produce your podcast will save time and resources so you can continue to grow and expand your brand and your business.

You’re a Consultant or Coach 

The business model of a consultant or coach is optimized by time efficiency. Your ideal day is filled with seeing as many clients as possible, which leaves little time for business development. Podcasting integrates well with other digital marketing efforts and enables your content to reach a larger audience so your business can grow automatically. While you work with the clients who hire you, let hundreds or even thousands of other people listen to you and learn about you!

You’re in a Service-Based Business

From accountants to attorneys, medical professionals to massage therapists, your service-based business relies on your extensive expertise to build your customer base. Positioning yourself as an expert is the key, and the best way to do that is by creating your own content. Podcasting is a fantastic forum for opening up a new audience to your philosophies, your innovative procedures, and your unique way of doing business. You are the expert in your field. Let the expert team at Produce Your Podcast help you tell the world all about YOU.

You’re an Author or Speaker 

Competition is steeper than ever among authors and speakers. The market is saturated with self-proclaimed rockstars. The fact is: you really are a rockstar! And the best way to show people that is to let them hear you. Podcasting is one of the world’s most powerful communication mediums, creating a global stage so you can reach your ideal audience. Are they missing out on your message? Produce Your Podcast can create a professional broadcast quality show for you that aligns with your brand and supports your marketing efforts, so that your content can get into the ears and hands of those who need it!

You’re Just Little Ole’ You

Maybe you don’t have a business, a new book to promote, or a service to provide. But you are a unique and talented individual with something to say. Maybe you want to talk fashion or philanthropy. Maybe interview parents about their whacky-but-effective parenting styles. A wine expert? Cook better than Martha Stewart? Did you create an artisan craft? You’ve got a passion; that alone is the reason why other people will benefit from what you have to say. Produce Your Podcast is perfect for someone like you. You’ve already created the content just by following your passion, and we can take care of all the technical details so that you can change the world, one well-crafted message at a time!