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Your 5-Figure Podcast Sponsorship Plan

Free Video Series

Learn to secure lucrative sponsorships for your branded podcast with a proven strategy.

5 Figures+ In Sponsorship Revenue is Possible and Probable.

Branded podcasts, ie. podcasts that are connected to a business, brand or mission, are highly effective for sponsoring brands. Even with a niche or “small” audience, branded podcast listeners show higher engagement, purchase intent, and trust than other types of audiences.


However, any successful monetization plan needs an actual strategy.


The biggest pitfalls we see when branded podcast hosts begin working on securing sponsorships include:

  • Ineffective positioning and packaging
  • No clear plan to identify and talk to viable sponsors
  • Undercharging and overworking on the package
  • Not knowing where to begin, how to track results, or scale their early momentum when they get it


However, when you learn, understand and implement a proven strategy you now have the option to create sponsorship revenue as you choose. And THAT is powerful.


Most business owners who are podcast hosts would agree: you enjoy doing the things that light you up and bring in revenue. Let’s make sponsorships clear, actionable and effective.

Within this free series, you will learn:

  • The 5 Figure Sponsorship Formula
  • How to Build Irresistible Value for Potential Sponsors
  • How to Avoid the Most Common Missteps That Keep You From Monetizing
  • Where + How to Find Sponsors

``The coaching and feedback that I got from Traci and Stephanie made the difference for me. I used their tools and tips on the sponsor call and it was a yes! It was like an enthusiastic yes! Which was so exciting to me.`` - Nancy Marshall, Host, The PR Maven Podcast