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B2B Podcast Strategy Secrets You Need to Know

Podcasts are a great way to grow your B2B brand and increase brand visibility. Your marketing activities for your business should seamlessly blend into one another, cross-promoting each other, and your podcast is no exception.

Below, we look at some B2B podcast strategy secrets you need to know. Many of them are just common sense, but it can help to work with a podcast expert or team to ensure you’re not missing any vital components of the production process.

What are the B2B Podcasting Best Practices?

First, you need to make a great first impression when potential listeners come across your show. You can use your current marketing avenues to tap into an initial group of potentially interested listeners and direct them to your show. It can take customers up to 15 interactions to work with your brand, so podcasting is a great way to build trust and loyalty with other B2B brands.

Through a podcast, you can share your expertise with other businesses. A podcast enables you to show others what you have achieved with your business, and what your brand is capable of.

Here are some essential aspects to include in a B2B podcast strategy plan.

Take a Look at Your Branding

Look at your branding when you’re planning your B2B podcast strategy. Your podcast branding should reflect your company branding so they appear aligned with each other. Does it need changing? Is it original and professional? If you’re unsure, you can try a/b testing to see if a potential change to your branding will increase customers. You do have to be patient with trials like this to see results.

If you’re not sure about your branding, you might want to consult a graphic designer, rebranding can be expensive, and if you’re going to rebrand, you want to get it right so you don’t have to do it again in the future. Think about how timeless so many successful logos are. Some of them have changed very little over the years.

When you work with a graphic designer, you should already have some ideas in mind and research the styles of logo use within your B2B niche. However, the graphic designer will likely have a lot of experience and be able to advise you on what will and will not work within your niche and for your company.

Produce Credible Content

To be successful as a B2B podcaster, you need to demonstrate your knowledge, experience, and expertise through high-quality content. Your content should always be original, well-researched, and relevant. You should apply SEO, or search engine optimization tactics to your writing to ensure that Google knows who will benefit from reading your article.

Ensure your article offers a unique perspective, even if it’s a common topic, so you still stand out. Your content is a great way to show your B2B clients that you’re an expert. This will help you build trust with your audience.

Tapping into the skills of the podcast experts at Produce Your Podcast is a great way to produce credible content right from the start. You can include a tagline and introduction to your podcast at the end of each blog you produce.

You can also publish guest content and share the expertise of industry experts. This can be a great way to build links within your website and your industry. You could ask a guest to write about some research or case studies and connect this to an episode they feature in as a guest.

Include Actionable Conclusions

At Produce Your Podcast, we recommend that you always have an actionable conclusion at the end of every show. It might be a downloadable PDF full of great advice accessed by signing up for your mailing list. If you offer advice that other businesses can implement, they’ll return to your show again to keep growing their own business as they see you as a source of inspirational advice.

Make Discoveries With Your Listeners

Your listeners want to go on a journey with you, so explore topics and keep your show exciting. Even if your podcast is on a serious topic, when you find something amazing and share it with your audience, they’ll be inspired by listening to you. This will help you grow a loyal following and help you reach other B2B organizations looking to connect with thought leaders within their industry. It will also help them identify with their host as an individual.

The great thing about this B2B podcast strategy secret is that it’s suitable for business in any niche and for any level of experience, whether you’re a new brand or you’ve been practicing in your company for over 30 years, There are always more exciting discoveries to make. Try researching your next exciting find and write this down within your strategy planning.

Let’s Talk About Money

There are ways to grow your business, and one of the best ways to do so is to tap into the expertise of someone successful in the podcast industry for many years. At Produce Your Podcast, we have a Growth Accelerator Program, which is a great option for those who are already making significant revenue from their podcast but wish to grow even more successful.

This program involves consultations over a six-month period where you receive B2B podcast strategy secrets to help you propel your podcast to new heights and grow your profits. You’ll find out how to use your data, how to use your marketing to the best advantage, and increase your revenue.

Practice What You Teach

Don’t lose sight of practicing what you’re teaching when putting together your B2B podcast strategy. Take time to look at your business and ensure you’re doing what you advise your clients to do. So, if you advise others to improve their financial management, ensure you’re doing a great job with your business first, as this will help build trust. If you have struggled in the past, you might want to share your story, as this can help others to avoid the same mistakes!

Look At Your Goals

For your B2B podcast strategy, you’ve got to have a clear aim for where you’re heading. What is it you hope to achieve from your podcast? Is it additional monetization? Brand awareness? Increase customers? Who do you want to reach? Are you a financial advisor looking to reach an audience in your local area? Or do you want to build a global brand and launch your business advice brand worldwide?

By defining your aims you can have a much clearer idea for the direction you want to head in with your show.

Take a Look at What’s Trending

For a B2B strategy, you want to stay ahead of your competitors, and keeping a watch for new trends is one way to do this. It might be current podcasting trends or trends within your niche. You don’t want to make too many drastic changes at once, as your subscribers will be enjoying your format and style.

Instead, allow changes and new trends to blend seamlessly into your current content and schedule. You can monitor your data to see how your subscribers and listeners react to any changes you implement. If there’s a new trend that you’re not sure about, invite a guest to speak on your show about it. Then, you can make an informed decision alongside your fans. This can be a great way to engage with your audience.

One significant recent change is the increase of AI within business. How does this connect to your company? Or your niche? An emerging trend is for AI to become more personable, so for business, AI represents a human-like aspect of a brand. Is this something you’ve come across? If not, try and reach out to an expert to interview!

Listener Experience

Take some time to review your podcast and gain some insight into the listener’s experience when they listen to your show. Are the intro and outro the right volume? Does each part of your show blend seamlessly into the next? How’s the sound quality? If you’re concerned about the sound, you might want to tap into the expertise of a podcast production agency, like Produce Your Podcast. The sound engineers can advise on the right equipment and which parts of your tech need updating.

Your listeners and subscribers are essential for your podcast, whether it’s a small, locally focussed group or listeners worldwide. Consider the listener’s journey from different perspectives. It can help to produce characters that represent your target audience so you can explore what they might potentially think of your show.

Review each aspect in detail, could you keep up with the audio? How was the interview with the guest? Did you explain the take-home point or call-to-action – was it obvious? Working through the listener experience can help you come up with key aspects to improve your show and grow your brand!

FAQs: B2B Podcast Strategy Secrets You Need to Know

What’s the best B2B podcast strategy?

Make sure your podcast is credible, high-quality, and inspiring.

What Makes for a Good Listening Experience?

For your B2B podcast strategy, ensure you have a great sound for a quality listening experience for your subscribers.

Where Do You Start with a B2B podcast strategy?

Start with a clear aim in mind, so you know what you want to get from your strategy session. Then you can put together a step-by-step plan.

Final Word: B2B Podcast Strategy Secrets You Need to Know

A B2B podcast strategy will help you build listeners and convert them into subscribers. This, in turn, will help you achieve your goal whether this is monetizing your podcast or raising awareness of your business. Above are some great ways to grow your business with a podcast.

Produce Your Podcast is a premier podcast consulting, production & marketing agency. Our team of experts provides comprehensive, full-service quality solutions for B2B clients to incorporate podcasting into their overall marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help launch or grow your business-branded podcast and boost your sales and marketing goals, we’re here to help.

Click here to schedule a conversation with our team today. Let’s work together to create a high-quality podcast that takes your business to new heights!