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What Makes Good Podcast Graphics?

Producing a podcast is a great way to get your brand known, but like all aspects of business, you have to brand your podcast correctly. A great podcast graphic will attract a loyal audience, but how do you design a professional image?


What To Include On A Podcast Cover Art


So, how do you produce great podcast cover art?


Professional Graphics


There’s a lot of choice when selecting podcasts to listen to. Listeners are often looking for life or career-changing inspiration. Successful podcasts offer their listeners something unique. Your USP, or unique selling point, might be a new approach to a lifestyle choice or a look at an aspect of society not readily discussed. Podcasts open doors to discussion, and the hosts are usually very knowledgeable.


When you plan the visuals and overall look of your cover art, decide what should go in the image to reflect your brand the best. It might be a picture of yourself, another person, an object, some artwork, etc. Unless you have experience in this role, you should work with a graphic designer. If you’re looking for a full service, then Produce You Podcast can support all aspects of your podcast, including graphics.


Share Your Credentials


When you offer a unique perspective on your podcast, you’ll want to ensure your credentials are immediately obvious to those searching for a new podcast to enjoy. If you’ve got a qualification, put those qualification initials after your name. Or introduce yourself as the founder of your business. Perhaps you’ve won awards for your work. Don’t be afraid to include text on your cover art that says something like ‘hosted by award-winning designer, Sarah White’.


Reflect Your Content


When planning which images to use in your cover art, consider the style of your content. Start by writing down the themes of your podcast, who is most important, and what kind of tone you would like to set. For example, is your podcast going to be bright and upbeat with a humorous take on a particular industry? Well, your cover art should reflect this. You might use an ironic or humorous image with bright colors. If your podcast is tackling a serious topic and will have a more somber approach, then subdued colors would be a better choice.


Reflect Your Brand


You need a strong brand to have a successful podcast. High-quality, professional branding will get you noticed. If you already have an established brand, then much of the work for good podcast graphics will be easy. You should select images that match the branding and colors you’ve already chosen. Your branding should be consistent across all marketing platforms and interaction points that you have with potential clients and customers. Don’t forget to include your brand logo!


Working with the team at Produce Your Podcast can mean that you tap into the wealth of knowledge that they have acquired over eight years and counting.


Use Modern Graphics


It is best to use a modern style for your podcast cover art. Do your research to identify the latest trends in podcast covers so you can inspire potential listeners to try your podcast. You want to provide the impression that your podcast will be fresh, modern, and up-to-date, and you can best achieve this by ensuring your graphics are set in a modern style. This can include the type of image, typography, amount of text, etc.


FAQs: What Makes Good Podcast Graphics


What are the best podcast graphics?


Your podcast image needs to match your podcast brand and express your style.


Are Podcast Graphics Important?


Yes, they are one of the first aspects of your podcast that potential listeners will see.


Final Word: What Makes Good Podcast Graphics


Good podcast graphics will express your podcast and demonstrate what listeners can expect from your podcast series. Your cover art is often the first thing that potential listeners will see when they come across your podcast. You will also need to make sure your podcast graphics look professional and attractive for the best success.


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