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What do Good Business Podcasts Have in Common?

Podcasts are an ideal medium for sharing your business acumen. Combine your podcast with various marketing activities, such as advertising, trailers, videos, blogs, and social media, to get your business heard and your brand seen.


You can raise revenue from your podcast by offering sales invitations or responding to a call-to-action. You might also wish to apply advertising in your podcast to increase revenue. Good business podcasts have some similarities, so how do you achieve success?

What Makes for Good Business Podcasts?


Good business podcasts have several things in common. A business leader with experience can have a popular podcast. Share your qualifications within your introduction and your text description. These are also good places to share your experience details, like you have run your own consultancy company for 22 years. Your listeners will be reminded of your qualifications and experience each time they load your podcast and listen.


You can then build trust with your listeners by sharing your experiences and help other business owners, and in this way, reach potential customers or clients. Business podcasts are popular to listen to while business owners are working. Including a variety of guests on your podcast can help you provide a range of topics as your guests bring their expertise to your series. These industry experts can share case studies, insights, research and findings.


Perhaps you have a small business offering financial services to local businesses. You can share your experiences with other like-minded business owners who listen to your messages to support their own business. You can then reach business owners who require your services. A good business podcast reaches the right people. You don’t necessarily need a high number of listeners. Your podcast should reach the right people for leads and sales.

How Do You Produce Good Business Podcasts?


Particularly for B2B podcasts, you need great branding, which is the same as your current marketing for your brand. Use your business logo and ensure the style of your podcast cover, text, and colors match those of your website and social media feeds. Use your branding consistently so your listeners can recognize your new episodes.


Other business leaders will also have knowledge in running their business, so you must produce high-quality content appealing to other business owners. Share statistics to support the points you are making on shows. Invite other experienced business owners to be guests of your show to add variety and depth to your show content.


Plan a strategy for your episodes to discuss various topics to keep your listeners engaged. At Produce Your Podcast, we suggest you allocate an actionable take-home point at the end of each podcast. A clear, actionable point can help listeners return to your podcast and perhaps convert to a customer or client in the future.

FAQs: What do Good Business podcasts have in common?

How to find good business podcasts?


You can find good business podcasts on listings that recommend a variety of B2B podcasts to try.

Why are podcasts good for business?


Podcasts are a great way to promote your business, share your experiences, and demonstrate your expertise.

Which are good podcasts to listen to at work?


Many B2B podcasts are great to listen to when you’re working. Finance and management podcasts are a great place to start.

Final Word: What do Good Business podcasts have in common?


Good business podcasts have several similar aspects. With business credentials, experience and the correct setup – you can produce a great business podcast. Choosing expert guests for your podcast and discussing various topics will help you attract quality listeners and leads for your business.


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