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Should You Follow Podcast Notes?

To be a successful podcast producer, you must plan your podcast episodes. This plan should include the basics, such as having the right podcast equipment, checking the sound, planning the location, etc. You should also include timelines for all aspects, including recording, editing, and the publication of your episode.


You’ll need an in-depth plan for the content of each episode, which forms your podcast notes. Podcast notes can help make your podcast a success. Read on to find out how to produce them and whether or not you should follow the podcast notes.


What To Include in Podcast Notes?


You should produce a professional template for your podcast notes that you can fill in for each episode. This will help with consistency across your episodes. To begin with, you will need to include a title. Your title should be catchy, not too long, and in the right style for your podcast. Here, you should write the date and time of the podcast recording session.


Next, you should list the equipment required for the recording session and include checkboxes for sound checks. If you are new to podcasting and unsure how to get quality sound on your podcast episodes, consider working with the Produce Your Podcast team.

Our sound engineers can do soundchecks for you to ensure quality audio control.


You should also identify the host and any guest speakers who join you. Include both your credentials and those of your guests so you can easily refer to them as you make introductions. Include other aspects such as their current job, family, and why they are a guest on your show. This space could include personal notes. For example, the guest has just become a grandparent, and you plan to congratulate them. Note this in their bio so you remember to mention it!


Include your podcast aim and what you want to achieve from the episode. Establish a topic, goal and a call-to-action. Perhaps you want your listeners to get on board with your new healthy menu plan or you want them to download your ebook.


Now, write down notes on the content of the show. Is it just you talking, or is your episode based on a conversation? Or a bit of both determine the points you wish to cover and identify who is talking and when. A clear structure to the episodes will help listeners feel part of the experience, and they will appreciate knowing what to expect from your podcast.


Include post-production details such as edit, promotion, and release dates. Your guest might ask when the podcast will be available, so it’s important to have information like this to hand.


FAQs: Should Podcast Notes Be Strictly Followed?


What Are Podcast Notes?


Podcast notes are a plan you produce for each podcast episode to describe the content to cover.


Should Podcast Notes Be Followed?


Yes, you should follow your podcast notes to give your podcast structure. However, you can deviate from your notes when you have moments of inspiration.


Should I Use Podcast Notes For My Podcast?


Plan your episodes with podcast notes to guide you on each episode and keep you focused.


Final Word: Should Podcast Notes Be Strictly Followed?


The key to podcast success is to produce high-quality podcast episodes. Having a plan that includes discussion points for your episodes will help you focus your episodes and keep them on target. If you’re focusing on conversations with guests, you want to be flexible with your content.


Having a clear style for your podcast will help you maintain structure and ensure you’re getting all your points across. This could be important if you’re offering health advice, for example, and you need to ensure your listeners follow a plan carefully.


However, allowing conversations to flow and going off the script can enable some spontaneous and truly inspiring moments so don’t be afraid to see where your podcast journey takes you! The Produce Your Podcast team can help with planning your episodes.


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