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Ten Great Ways to Become One of the Top Podcasts

Hosting one of the top podcasts in a particular industry is the dream of every podcast host. You might be a seasoned podcaster who loves podcasting or a business owner looking to increase your reach. Marketing your business through a podcast is one of the best ways to get your brand heard.


By becoming one of the best podcasts, you can cut through the competition and reach listeners and prospective clients. At Produce Your Podcast, we collated ten great ways to become one of the top podcasts in your niche. These are all actionable tips to implement into your podcast.


Here are ten great ways for your show to become one of the top podcasts.


How to Become One of the Top Podcasts


There are obvious ways to become one of the top podcasts, with good sound equipment, inspirational hosts, and inspiring guests being some of the first aspects that come to mind. Using traditional media models only, Podcasters can earn between $300 to $500 per episode with 10,000 downloads. There are of course ways to expand upon that using many of the strategies we teach at Produce Your Podcast. But, you also need to know how to leverage your podcast for success.


Here are ten great ways to help your podcast stand out and get noticed!


1. Share your expertise


Most podcasts are begun from a desire to share knowledge and expertise. You could be an interior designer who has run her business for the last 12 years. Perhaps you have a host of previous clients who would love to talk about their experience working with you and how much they enjoyed the transformation of their homes and businesses.


Sharing your knowledge is a great start for becoming one of the top podcasts. Speaking openly and honestly about your experiences makes for an engaging podcast.


2. Elevate Your Guests


The best podcasts include interviews with industry experts who share a wealth of knowledge and experiences with the host and their listeners. Interviews with experts enable listeners to learn from their experiences and innovative ideas.


Networking is a great way to connect with other podcasters and experts in your field. Get yourself some traditional business cards or fliers. A great tip is to write a personal message for someone you meet, perhaps at a conference or a show, to help them remember you and get in contact in the future. These connections might join your podcast as a guest in the future.


You can also leverage your guest audience to increase your own. Let your guest know how much you enjoyed having them on your episode and ask if they would be happy to share your podcast with their fans. This can help you to dramatically increase your follower numbers and propel you towards the top podcast spot.


3. Create a Strong Brand


You need to create a strong brand for your podcast and ensure this is consistent throughout your website and marketing materials to become one of the top podcasts. Your name must be original, and your branding should be contemporary and aligned with your industry. The Produce Your Podcast team can offer guidance to get this aspect right.


Produce an introduction to your podcast and music that is recognizable for your brand. Also, select an eye-catching image for your podcast so you are instantly recognizable and an industry-relevant logo.


4. Market Your Podcast


Ensure you have plenty of ways for potential listeners to find your brand and stay in contact to retain listeners. If you have a mailing list, you can remind your listeners to tune in to the latest episode. With social media, you can build conversations and build a community.


Videos are a great way to market your podcast, including videos on YouTube and TikTok. You should make sure you have a fast website that is mobile-optimized and search engine-optimized. You should include a blog attached to each podcast episode to enhance your reach.


5. Advertise Your Podcast


The team at Produce Your Podcast has tried and tested marketing strategies to help you, including advertising your podcast and advertising your podcast for revenue. Having a clear goal for your podcast will help you determine what you want to get from your podcast and how to achieve it.


The more advertising avenues you have for your podcast, the more likely you are to reach new listeners. Include social media and video streaming platforms in your marketing plan. Use your website to full advantage by including pop-ups to encourage email subscriptions and a blog that can offer shortened versions of your episodes to entice your audience to listen to the episode.

6. Use the Right Equipment


Having the right equipment for your podcast is key to having one of the top podcasts. For quality control, your setup must be correct for each step of your podcast production, including recording, editing, and post-production. Consistency across episodes is essential for a strong brand identity. Listeners are more likely to return.


When you choose to work with the Produce Your Podcast team, we provide one microphone and mic stand, a set of headphones, a Focusrite USB audio interface box that connects to your laptop, and the necessary cords to connect everything up. You will also receive a webcam and ring light if you will be doing videos.


Check your equipment before you record each episode; ensure the volume is correct. You can also arrange a live sound check with our production engineers to get this right.


7. Plan Your Episodes


To become one of the top podcasts, cover a wide range of topics within your niche. Keep your material fresh and cover enough topics to offer something for everyone. The best way to keep track of this is through a planning document, like a spreadsheet. You can use this planner to map out the details for each episode.


Include everything you need to make an episode on this document, such as the theme, title, guests, placement of sponsor breaks, the take-home message, guest questions and discussion points, etc. You might want to include a tick box to ensure you complete all the processes involved in producing a podcast, like editing and promotion.


8. Include High-Quality Content


Ensure your content is researched and up-to-date to become one of the top podcasts. Your listeners want to know they can come to you for the best advice, so include statistics and reference who or where your information has come from. It might be another designer you reference or a successful financial advisor who shares advice online.


Another way to stay current is to tap into trends. Try to bring current concepts into your podcast episodes. For example, you might not like a new interior design trend, but don’t shy away- it will be an online search term. Tell your listeners why you choose not to embrace the trend and what they should do instead.


9. Include Anecdotes and Personal Experience


The most successful podcasts involve the podcasts sharing their experiences with their listeners. Your listeners want to get to know you, and they commit to your brand by listening to your stories and advice. As they listen throughout the episodes, they will implement your advice in their businesses of daily life, which will build trust with your brand as well.


10. Have Actionable Conclusions


Ensure you have an actionable take-home message at the end of every podcast to help your listeners connect with you and your brand. Provide a reason for fans to return and make further improvements to their business or lifestyle. Listeners will also be more inclined to purchase from you and notice your advertisements. A loyal following is essential for becoming one of the top podcasts.


FAQs: Ten Great Ways to Become One of the Top Podcasts


What is the top podcast?


This depends on many factors like where you’re based, your industry, and your podcast platform.


What are the top podcast platforms?


Spotify is a great choice as a podcast platform, but there are other options available.


How to conduct a top-rated podcast?


Have a strong brand, correct equipment, planning, marketing, and a great team behind you.


Final Word: Ten Great Ways to Become One of The Top Podcasts


Whether you’re just starting as a podcaster or a seasoned expert you’re going to want to produce one of the top podcasts. This is possible. There are ten great ways to get you to be the best podcast above with actionable points.


The Produce Your Podcast team can work with you on all aspects of podcast development from having the right equipment to writing episodes, marketing, and more. To find out more about supporting your business with a podcast and making a revenue from your podcast get in contact to find out more.


Produce Your Podcast is a premier podcast consulting, production & marketing agency. Our team of experts provides comprehensive, full-service quality solutions for B2B clients to incorporate podcasting into their overall marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help launch or grow your business-branded podcast and boost your sales and marketing goals, we’re here to help.


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