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5 Ways to Repurpose Your Podcast Episodes

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Podcast Episodes


Your podcast episode provides your listeners with a wealth of valuable and in-depth insights – not to mention, positioning you as a thought leader. To offer them as audio only just won’t do them justice. Your episodes can be repurposed into many formats to promote your business, invite guests, and widen your network. 


This way, you continuously stay relevant and valuable without much effort from ideating and researching because everything is already in your episode.


All of these are smart answers, and yet we often see that the podcast becomes isolated or siloed – meaning it isn’t effectively integrated into the organization’s marketing strategy and therefore isn’t reaching all of the audiences mentioned above.


Creating an effective audience building strategy will help you to reach all of your intended audiences.


We recommend repurposing your podcast episodes into these content formats:



Video is too important to ignore. It comes up better on search than audio, and can be more stimulating to hold your audience’s attention (plus it helps them process information more effectively). 


The following are some ways to repurpose audio into video: 

  • recorded interviews
  • visuals to strengthen key points
  • highlight reels on social media


Consider investing in quality equipment such as lighting and a high resolution camera. While there is a learning curve to it, setup will be a lot easier once you get the hang of it.


Press Releases


Press releases are a great way of promoting podcast-related campaigns like generating awareness, announcing collaborations, or launching special content. To distribute them to the right people, partner with PR agencies or email media outlets to help strengthen your reach. A press release should contain topline information, but you can take it one step further by adding in a “hook”, live links to drive traffic, videos, graphics, and even an embed code – essentially a PR Kit. 

This encourages agencies and journalists to promote you, because not only does it help you, it also helps them.


Show Notes


Podcast show notes compliment your audio content by serving as a written overview of your episode. Its basic framework includes a summary, key takeaways, relevant timestamps, a guest bio, and resource links. Show notes can be a valuable resource for listeners who want to revisit a particular episode or quickly find information that was mentioned during the show. They should contain all the episode’s important points but still be concise enough for people to actually want to read them. 

Pro tip: You can also boost their discoverability by writing keyword-rich introductions. This SEO practice can help bump you up on search results.


LinkedIn Live


LinkedIn Live is a great platform for business branded podcasts. It’s where you can narrow in on a professional audience and connect with them in a more engaging way. While you record your episode, you can simultaneously go live and brand this as the “unfiltered” version. This way, you capitalize on your existing content and reach a new audience. Plus, it further promotes your brand and builds your social presence online.

This is a great way to make your podcast even more shareable – allowing for comments, tagging friends and colleagues, etc. on your video which can help with distribution.




Strengthen your credibility by discussing thought leadership topics through a specialized workshop. Here, you can offer a deep dive on topics you’ve previously discussed, invite guests back again, or even release exclusive content. It’s also a great opportunity to network and build relationships with others in the industry. You can have it either online or on-site. But if you really want to forge lasting connections, consider the latter as it allows your community to finally meet the person behind the mic.



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