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How to Make your Comeback Podcast a Success

If you’ve been away from your podcast for a while but want to return to podcasting, you might be thinking of a comeback podcast. Doing this can be challenging, and you might have some reservations.


This is not uncommon. One study found that 60% of podcasters feared marketing their podcast series in the first place, not counting those with anxiety about marketing their podcast after returning from a podcast hiatus.


There are several ways to make a comeback podcast successful. Some of these options include:


  • Marketing for podcasts that have had a hiatus.
  • Setting the comeback on the right foot.
  • Connecting with networks to help the relaunch.


Marketing for Podcasts After a Hiatus


Even if you have planned a hiatus, marketing for the comeback can be challenging. But there are some advantages, and you should leverage what you’ve already got to make the success of new episodes.


As you get back into your podcast recording process, there’s likely to be some audience churn while you are off. Some former listeners won’t listen to new episodes right away. But that doesn’t mean that your past episodes are useless.


Using some of the old content can help you market to new audiences and improve audience reach.


Start by re-releasing your trailer if the information is still relevant. It can act as a catalyst for re-introducing yourself to old audiences while reaching new listeners. Then start using a ‘sizzle reel’ to utilize content from the back catalog to give audiences a taste of what they can expect in new shows.


And you might want to think about a countdown, using the best-performing old episodes to warm audiences to your brand and content style. The countdown adds excitement and anticipation, to galvanize audiences to subscribe for fresh content.


Finally, while you might want your podcast to focus on you, getting a favorite guest back on your show might help with marketing. Reach out to audiences who would advertise your show on their social media feeds, especially if they have a large following.


Nancy Marshall, host of The PR Maven Podcast, did this to bolster listenership on her podcast in September 2023. An interview with guest Tim Cotton was her most downloaded episode of all time, and his audience was highly engaged, so his promotion of his episode was a huge benefit to the podcast.


Nancy not only re-released her original interview with Tim as a “fan favorite encore,” but she also interviewed him again and released a new episode to promote. Tim was also able to promote to his audience.


Setting the Comeback for Success


To make your comeback a success, make it look like you’re setting up a new podcast. Therefore, you need to consider several aspects, including:


  • Established goals for your business podcast.
  • Set milestones for achievement.
  • Use the right equipment for recording a podcast.
  • Adjusting the structure for the podcast for the latest podcast trends.
  • Create a content plan and guest list.


If the hiatus was unplanned, look at what went wrong for the old episodes. Did you not have enough time, were you not planning enough, or did you not meet goals or milestones? Whatever the reason, adjust your processes so you can be more successful.


Connecting With Networks


Using other people’s networks can be a great way to encourage listeners to jump to your podcast. You can connect with new audiences by appearing on other podcasts in the run-up to the launch of your new episodes.


Or you might want to encourage past guests to return to your podcast, perhaps with a new interview. Target guests with a large social media following on the relevant platforms, for example, if you’re a B2B business, then guests should have a large following on LinkedIn and other platforms.


They might also have a large email subscriber list. Ask them if they’re willing to email their subscribers about their upcoming appearance. Likewise, if they have a large blog following, invite them to write a blog post about their time on the podcast. Get them to link to your main website and your podcast episode as this will help your SEO.


They must be willing to advertise their presence to their contacts.


These guests might also be those who have appeared on your podcast before and were popular.




How to set up a comeback podcast? 


Setting up a comeback podcast is almost no different than marketing a new podcast. You might already have some knowledge, equipment, and even connections to make the process a little easier.


What should I say in a comeback podcast? 


Coming back from a hiatus can be daunting. Knowing what to say can prevent people from re-launching their podcasts. But being true to your brand is most important, so think about what you want to say and use that.


Should I mention this is a comeback podcast?


There is no rule to say that you have to mention that you’re returning. Though you can acknowledge the gap in publishing content. But you don’t have to mention why you took a break.


Final Word: How to Make your Comeback Podcast a Success


Many want to get back into podcasting after a planned or unplanned break. However, they delay the comeback podcast episodes (and sometimes indefinitely) because of worries about what the audience will think. Generally, audiences are supportive, and with the right outlook and process, your comeback podcast can be a great success that can take your brand to the next level.


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