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How Sales Teams Can Leverage Their Organization’s Podcast

Podcasts are one of the most powerful tools to drive business development – they serve top, middle and bottom of funnel objectives and have a myriad of uses that can help boost your business development teams’ toolkit of resources and their results.


Inside of our Growth Accelerator Program, one of the most common conversations we have towards the beginning of our time with a client is empowering their teams to utilize the show to their advantage.


And while this article isn’t the entire list in detail that we share with clients (you’ll have to get that within the program!), we wanted to share a few tidbits to help you help your sales team use your show to their advantage, too

For lead generation & prospecting:

  • Skim organization’s podcast promotions online for people who have commented/engaged with podcast related content and reach out to start a conversation
  • Follow up & engage with anyone who has replied to email marketing related to the podcast
  • Send personalized messages to online followers of any podcast-focused social media channels


To nurture prospects before or after meetings:

  • Make note of the prospect’s key goals and pain points, and send specific podcast episodes targeted towards those two things as an added resource/value add
  • Invite prospects to a live taping of the podcast (if you do this in your online communities)
  • Use the podcast as a touchpoint/reason to reach back out, asking if the prospect has any topics or guests they’d want to hear on the show


To plug into everyday systems/workflows:

  • Include podcast in your meeting confirmation emails when prospects book using automated tools (such as Calendly)
  • Bring a flier or card with a QR code to scan and get to the podcast along with your usual materials if doing in-person drop bys/office visits
  • Share the organization’s promotional posts on your own social media if social selling; your prospects may not be connected to company pages
  • Mention podcast as an added resource in your voicemail (“you can also find us…”)


When onboarding new clients:

  • Include the podcast as a resource when you onboard new clients – this could be in their welcome package, as part of the “tour” when showing the membership site included in their paid package, etc.

To help affiliates & referral partners:

  • Empower them to use the podcast to educate and nurture potential referrals they may send to the business development team
  • Select key episodes or create curated playlists (Spotify will allow you to do this) for the referral partner’s audience
  • Include the podcast in any introductory materials the referred prospect receives when initial introductions are made

Are the wheels turning? Funny enough, we often talk about “podcast integration” with our Growth Accelerator Program clients before we talk about new audience growth. What we’ve found time and time again is that the podcast is isolated from many warm audiences that team members are already in contact with, and podcasts continue to prove themselves one of the most powerful nurture tools in the sales process. The first step is to get all of your audiences engaging with the podcast, then going outward to add more new listeners too.

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