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How to Advertise Your Podcast on Spotify

All podcasts will benefit from a strong marketing strategy, whether the host is a solopreneur or part of a large corporation. You can advertise your podcast on Spotify with many other marketing activities to help grow your show. If you are new to podcasting, you need a clear direction for your podcast marketing. The Produce Your Podcast team has a wealth of experience you can benefit from when you work with us.


Your marketing strategy will depend on your goals, so you need a clear idea of what you want to achieve from your podcast and the milestones that will get you there. Make sure you celebrate when you achieve your goals!


So, how do you advertise your podcast on Spotify, and what other marketing activities can you do?


What Does Successful Podcast Marketing Look Like?


A successful launch of your podcast and future episodes requires a tried and tested marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should be tailored to your business, although it’s not just about getting high listener numbers. You might, for example, want to reach a specific local market to generate leads for your local service-based business. If you want to focus on generating revenue from advertising, then this is something we can also support you with.


To begin with, ensure that your podcast is high quality so you have a great product to market. Use the right equipment, run soundchecks, secure intro voice overs, plan your materials and the episode, arrange quality guests, and edit the podcast. When producing a podcast, there is a lot to do; this is where the team at Produce Your Podcast can help.


Identify how to reach existing and new customers and who your target market is, for example, their location. Work on your branding to ensure a high-quality and professional appearance to get your podcast noticed. Use the same branding throughout all your marketing activities.


Here, we share ten marketing activities for your podcast marketing plan, including Spotify advertising.


1. Spotify Advertising


By signing up for Spotify studio ads, you can advertise your podcast through Spotify. You manage your adverts yourself and can choose from different price points. Select your target audience to help you increase conversions and revenue.


2. Podcast Platform


When you release your podcast on a platform like Spotify, you should make the most of your podcast introduction text, including your show title and episode description. Choose your text to match your audience. Ensure your writing style fits your industry but also captures the essence of your brand.


For new listeners to invest time in your podcast, offer benefits not features. So clearly advertise how listening to your podcast will enhance their lifestyle or business and in what way.


3. Advertise With a Website


When you start your podcast, ensure the website domain is available if you don’t have a website already. If you are an established brand (for example, you run an interior design business), advertise your podcast on your website.


You should have a page on its own for your podcast; include a link to your podcast on Spotify or other podcast streaming platforms. Make sure the text on your page is search engine optimized using optimal keywords.


Your website is often the first point of contact for new clients and customers. Advertising your podcast here will increase your credibility and help them view you as an expert. Include links to your social media accounts to provide social proof.


4. Blog Posts


You can use a blog to market your podcast. At Produce Your Podcast, we offer an additional service to have an accompanying blog produced for your podcast episode. This is a great way to reach a wider audience with your podcast.


Your blog posts should include the right keywords and images and be a suitable length. You can include links to your podcast episode and other blogs you’ve written. If you include statistics, link to these as well.


5. Search Engine Optimization


SEO, or search engine optimization, is a crucial marketing aspect often overlooked. SEO still drives the majority of traffic online. Identify suitable keywords that will drive traffic to your podcast. SEO can be applied to all aspects of marketing, whether it’s your website, podcast intro text, or a blog post.


6. Utilize your Mailing List


Your website is a great way for your current clients or customers to find out about your podcast, but consider other ways you might reach potential listeners. You could email about your podcast or advertise it in your weekly email.


7. Advertise Your Credentials


When you want to get your podcast noticed, you need the credentials and experience to support your advice. At Produce Your Podcast, we recommend having an actionable point for each episode. This is a key take-home point that your listeners can do to improve their lives.


You will need your audience to trust you for this to be successful, so you should regularly advertise your credentials. You can mention your qualifications and experiences in your podcast intro and include them in the accompanying text on Spotify.


Advertise the credentials of your episode guests. So ensure they have experience and qualifications suitable for the advice they’ll be giving. Using best practices and current statistics is essential for producing a credible podcast. You want your audience to see transformation through listening to your podcast episodes.


8. Traditional Marketing


You might find that flyers that advertise your podcast can be very helpful in growing your audience. This strategy is ideal if you network, attend events, or have a local business that customers visit.


Start with a small number of flyers and see what response you get. You can increase the chance of success by writing personal messages on flyers when you chat with individuals.


9. Social Media Accounts


You can use your social media accounts already linked to your brand to generate interest in your podcast. These followers are already fans of your brand so are likely to be interested in listening to your podcast.


When marketing on social media, you must post regularly. So it’s a good idea to schedule a set day to post about your podcast. Create new content from your episodes. Use a call to action and a link to your podcast so new listeners can connect with the latest episode straight away.


10. Advertise Through Guests Podcasts


When you invite guests to talk on your show you’ll need to choose relatable guests with expertise. Ask the right questions and make sure your guest has the questions in advance so they can plan. You can ask your guests if they’d be happy to advertise that they’re on your podcast episode. Your guest is likely to mention their guest appearance because this offers them social proof.


You can provide links and a bio which your guest can use when introducing your podcast series. The easier you make it for your guest to advertise your podcast, the more likely they will.


FAQs: How to Advertise your Podcast on Spotify


Can you advertise your podcast on Spotify?


Yes, you can use Spotify Ad Studio to do this.


What’s the best way to advertise your podcast on Spotify?


Use a range of marketing strategies for success.


Is it easy to advertise your podcast on Spotify?


Yes, the Spotify Ad Studio is straightforward and suitable for most budgets.


Final Word: How to Advertise Your Podcast on Spotify


Podcasts are a great way to get your brand heard and are a powerful marketing tool in their own right. Have a clear marketing strategy for your podcast with various marketing activities such as social media, blog posts, a newsletter, etc. You can also advertise your podcast with Spotify Ad Studio. This is an effective way to generate business through your podcast and is suitable for various budgets.


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