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Best Podcast App for Website Platforms

When you run a podcast, you want to ensure that you can get as many people listening as possible. Relying on RSS feeds, social media, and email marketing can be a way to get those who are already familiar with your brand to come back for more, but that doesn’t guarantee you new listeners.


Listener growth is a critical aspect of podcast success. The more listeners you have, the more value your podcast will be for ROI whether you generate leads or sell advertising spots on your podcast.


Therefore, many brands are using their website as a way to increase reach and attract new audiences. And to help them, they need to be using a podcast app for their website.


How Does a Website Help with Marketing a Podcast?


The website is the perfect tool for getting new audiences to your podcast. You can create SEO-optimized blog posts that are there to advertise your episodes. Then you can use a player, such as those found on a podcast app for website owners, that can play the episode directly.


You should also be able to use your website to create a mailing list to which those listening to the podcast can be subscribed. Then when a future episode is released, they will automatically be informed, allowing you to reach existing listeners to your content.


And podcasts can be a great way to build inbound links. You can get guests to link to your website’s page for the episode, helping you to attain a better rank on Google and other search engines. In turn, this will help you to build higher traffic levels on the website.


Finally, a podcast on your website helps to build a bigger brand persona on your website.


Audiences are far more trusting if they can hear your voice than if they’re just reading your content. Therefore, those who are on your website are more likely to convert, whether that is to a sale or subscribing to a mailing list.


Can You Upload Audio Media Direct to a Website?


Many website owners think the easiest option is to add their videos or audio to a website is simply adding it to the website files and allowing audiences to access it. However, this can cause issues.


For one, it doesn’t allow you to have advanced functions for your podcast. You might want to have a paywall for your podcast, getting people to pay for listening to an advert-free version of your content.


Or you might want to get people to subscribe to your mailing list before listening to a podcast.


A greater problem is download speed. Because the file is directly on your website’s server, which means the audio files download whenever someone accesses your website, regardless of whether they’re listening to the podcast or not.


Audio and video files are massive. So, the website download speed is reduced, which can harm user retention and website ranking. Therefore, using a podcast app is the best option.


What are the Best Podcast Apps for Website Owners?


There are numerous podcast apps for website owners to use. They can depend significantly not just on the role of the app but also the platform. Here are some of the best options for you.


Seriously Simple Podcasting By Castos


This WordPress plugin is a free tool that allows you to connect your website to your podcast to stream episodes through the website without needing the audio files uploaded to the server. The app is designed to work seamlessly with Castos, updating the information as you upload new episodes, however, it works with numerous other podcast-hosting services as well.


Fusebox (Smart Podcast Player)


Fusebox offers a range of players that can integrate with numerous website platforms such as Wix, WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace. Their elegantly designed player looks pleasing and is simple to use. There are also advanced features such as opt-in forms, mobile optimization, and customization, making it a great choice.


Simple Podcast Press


One of the simplest podcast player management plugins on WordPress, this podcast app has everything you need. Allowing you to connect your podcast hosting on all the major platforms, visitors to your website will get a seamless experience while hearing your latest show. The app allows you to have email subscription features and create podcast playlists that can help you manage and showcase more of your talents to listeners.


Podlove Podcast Publisher


This podcast is a free, open-source podcasting plugin, great for people with some developer skills who want to customize their own experience. It includes an HTML5 player, able to play your podcasts on the website. It can also play both audio and video podcasts with ease. There are lots of different templates available, and there is an active online community for those who want to ask questions when they get stuck.


Podcast Player by Elfsight


Elfsight is one of the biggest software developers for Shopify, and they again provide the platform with this excellent podcast player. The tool is really simple to use and can be added to a Shopify website easily. Other customization options enable you to create a player that can blend into your website’s design or stand out. And at a cost-effective price, this is a great option for those with a Shopify website. Elfsight also produces a podcast player for Squarespace and Wix websites.


What To Look For in a Podcast App for Your Website?


There are many factors to consider when choosing the best podcast app for your website. You want to ensure the app works with your podcast host, and your website builder, that it is easy to use, and that it is at the best price point for you.


Free is not always the best, as that sometimes means there are watermarks or other factors that reduce the quality of the app. But for those starting, free might be the best option to begin.




What is a podcast app?


A podcast app is software you can install on your website to help your website visitors play and listen to your podcasts. They usually connect with a host to deliver the files remotely.


What is the best podcast app?


There are numerous options for the best podcast app. It depends on your skill level, podcast host, budget, and more to know which is the best podcast app for your website.


Why is my podcast app not working?


If your podcast app doesn’t work, you can contact the support team to help you fix the issues.


Final Word: Best Podcast App for Website Owners


There are numerous options for those looking for the best podcast app for their website. Choosing the one that matches their requirements will take time, looking at price, function, ease of use, and more. Above are some of the best podcast app options for many different websites.


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