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Good Video Podcasts Can Change Your Brand

YouTube is an ideal platform for audience growth or your podcast. It has a massive audience of 2.1 billion users, and for some people, video is their preferred medium for new information rather than blogs or audio. A good video podcast can help grow your brand, so you should consider it for business growth.


A video podcast is very similar to an audio podcast, it’s a recording of someone talking on a topic. You might already host a podcast working with a co-host or interview guests. For a video podcast, there is also a video recording of the host, or hosts, and guests talking.


There are still benefits to podcasts. People enjoy listening to a podcast when working, traveling, or relaxing. By adding a video component you can add an extra way for your listeners to get to know you as a host. Your listeners will be able to put a face to our voice, and you can also include demonstrations.


How Do I Produce a Great Video Podcast?


Use Good Quality Equipment


Purchase high-quality equipment to record a video podcast that’s enjoyable to watch and listen to. When you work with Produce Your Podcast, the equipment you need is provided.

Demonstrate Your Expertise


Having a video podcast can be a great way to share your expertise and skills within your industry. This is essential for increasing sales as customers know that they can rely on your work.


Plan Each Episode


Write a script and timings for your whole video show. Make sure guests know when they are speaking. You can provide them with the questions you plan to ask in advance to achieve a smoother interview.


Edit Your Show Professionally


Once you’ve recorded your video podcast, you should edit it with professional software. You should include a pre-recorded intro, and outro and use licensed music. You will also need to produce show notes.


Marketing Goals


You’ll need to make sure you effectively market your podcast so you create anticipation for its release. Marketing goals need to be specific and cover a wide variety of marketing activities. This includes producing show notes that are SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, social media, and optimized blog posts.


FAQs: Good Video Podcasts Can Change Your Brand

How to start a video podcast


To start a video podcast, you’ll need a great concept, research, planning, and professional equipment to produce a high-quality video podcast.


How to make a video podcast


You’ll need to use professional equipment and professional editing software to produce a quality video podcast.


How to create a video podcast


Purchase good quality recording equipment and plan your video podcast carefully.


Final Word: Good Video Podcasts Can Change Your Brand


Video podcasts can change your brand. They’ll help you reach a wider and bigger audience so you can grow your business. A video podcast not only helps you share your expertise and experience, but it will also help your personality to shine. Produce Your Podcast is a complete production agency, so if you need help getting your video podcast off the ground tap into our experience to get your podcast off to the best start.


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