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How to be One of the Best Inspirational Podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic way to get your brand heard and are a marketing tool to embrace and celebrate. Providing actionable information is a great way to attract a loyal audience, but how do you inspire your listeners to implement your advice?


Being one of the best inspirational podcasts will help you get your brand heard. But how do you become one of the best inspirational podcasts?

What Do the Best Inspiration Podcasts Have in Common?

1. Offer Great Advice


People seek the best inspirational podcasts to discover how to make innovative and groundbreaking changes to their business, career, or lifestyle. Many popular podcasts offer a different view: looking outside the box or suggesting a new way of doing something. They might be controversial or outspoken, but they’re knowledgeable.


Actionable advice can be as simple as adding a bank account to manage your finances or as complicated as learning a new finance system. However, make sure your listeners celebrate their successes.


2. Have Credentials


When you offer something different and want to be one of the best inspirational podcasts, you will need the credentials to support this. You might have experiences to share which will inspire your audience, but including guests who have had similar experiences can help your listeners get on board with your suggestions.

Credentials can vary from host to host. You might have certification, extensive experience or celebrity endorsement, for example.


3. High-Quality Content


Likewise, not only do your guests need to be credible, your content should be as well. Using statistics from recent research will help you make tangible suggestions that your listeners can implement into their business or lifestyle.


They want to see transformation within their lives, and this is where using best practices or up-to-date current practices can help you inspire those around you.


4. Have Great Branding


To be one of the best inspirational podcasts, you need a great brand. If you want to inspire people, they first want to know that you are successful yourself. High-quality, professional branding will help you get noticed. Use the same branding on your emails, website, social media, etc.


Trailers are ideal for building anticipation between episodes. Listeners should easily be able to identify your cover image, music, and introduction. Working with a professional team like Produce Your Podcast can help you achieve this by tapping into their wealth of experience producing podcasts.


5. Interview Inspiring Guests


Select guests to interview who you are inspired by and who will radiate through your show. Your audience should be able to relate to your guest, believe their credentials, and trust their advice.


You will need to make sure you are asking the right questions and discussing the right topics to have a chance at becoming one of the best inspiration podcasts. A great introduction should cover these points – you can mention their credentials and experience and direct your listeners to their social media accounts to provide social proof.


FAQs: How to Be One of the Best Inspirational Podcasts

What are the best inspirational podcasts?


To be inspiring, you need to include content relevant to your audience.


What is the difference between a blog and a podcast?


A podcast is audio content; blogs are written content. Both are digital mediums.


Should I have a blog and podcast?


Yes, they complement each other well.


Final Word: How to be One of the Best Inspirational Podcasts


Inspiration podcasts are great to listen to, and there are many to choose from. If you are determined and believe in yourself, you can produce one of the best inspirational podcasts. We offer some implementable action points for your podcast above, but for more guidance, check out our other blog posts here.


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