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Is the Number of Podcast Listeners a Good KPI?

When you’ve put so much work and effort into your podcast, you want to know how your episodes are received. The number of podcast listeners per episode is a way to monitor podcast performance. But is your number of podcast listeners a good KPI or key performance indicator?


How to Record the Number of Podcast Listeners


The number of podcast listeners is a helpful metric to take note of. You can get an idea of listener numbers by recording the number of downloads for each episode. Do this routinely, perhaps once a month. Even if you have software that does this for you, you should still review the monthly report. There are several ways to look at listener numbers; here’s what they can tell you.


  • How many people have listened to an episode?
  • How many listeners become subscribers? (Compare the figures).
  • How successful your marketing is.


Is the Number of Podcast Listeners a Good KPI?


Here are some aspects to consider when deciding whether or not the number of podcast listeners is a good KPI.


Which Podcasts Are Most Successful?


It can be challenging to determine what makes your podcast successful. Personal emails and reviews can help listeners identify what they like most about your podcast. However, if you order your podcast by number of listeners, you can review which podcasts attracted the most listeners.


You can assume this is related to the topic, trailer or the title. This KPI helps identify what has attracted more listeners. You can then test out your theories by A/B testing. For example, if you think a change to the style of your episode title increases your listener rate, try this change on one episode and not another. Then see if the variation in podcast title style affects listener rates.


Effectiveness of Your Marketing


Knowing where to start with your marketing can be challenging. A place to start is to leverage the marketing you’ve already got. This includes your website, social media, and mailing list, for example. If you have low listener numbers, consider whether you’re using your existing marketing channels to their best advantage.


Keep advertising your podcasts. For example, keep in mind that Facebook only shows each of your posts to a small number of your followers. Therefore, you must post regularly for the best success. Your number of podcast listeners can be a good KPI for monitoring how successful your marketing plan is.


Are You Growing?


When you start your podcast, you will create anticipation with your trailer and advertising campaign to introduce yourself to new listeners. You may find that your listener numbers dip after the initial launch, which is perfectly natural, as people will try out your podcasts to see if it’s for them. Focus on getting the right audience, not just high numbers. You want to retain listeners engaging with your podcast and enjoying it.


Monitor your number of listeners regularly, and you should see your listener numbers steadily increase as more listeners hear about your podcast and see your marketing campaigns. You will want to look for growth of listenership month over month and commit to ‘playing the long game’ when it comes to podcasting.


What Is Your Goal?


The goal might be to achieve something other than a high number of podcast listeners. It could be to reach other people in a similar situation, to give support and advice.


An example of this is the podcast Finding Forgiveness, a Family Fairy Tale. In this podcast, Susan Gibson shares her story of finding forgiveness with her mother. This story speaks to a specific audience, although it is a fascinating listen about the complexities of relationships.


FAQs: Is the Number of Podcast Listeners a Good KPI?


What is a good number of listeners for a podcast?


A good listener will depend on the aim of your podcast. The right question is ‘are you attracting the right listeners for your show?’


How To Find Out the Number of Podcast Listeners?


Your download numbers are a good indicator of your listener rate. Not everyone who listens subscribes.


Is the Number of Podcast Numbers a good KPI?


It can help to follow your success and be a great way to see the support of your show grow. Other metrics to consider are subscriber numbers and listener retention rates.


Final Word: Is the Number of Podcast Listeners a Good KPI?


Whether or not the number of podcast listeners you have is a good KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, will depend on the aims you have for your podcast. Many podcast producers naturally worry about the number of listeners they have. However, you will find that by targeting the right audience and a comprehensive marketing plan behind your podcast, you can reach the right listeners. With a high-quality podcast, you’ll see your listener numbers increase. Remember to give yourself milestones to celebrate the successes you achieve as your podcast grows.


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