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Why is a Podcast Blog Critical for Success

There are numerous advertising strategies for your podcast. You can try using sponsored content on social media, sponsorship on podcast listings, keywords in podcast descriptions, email marketing, and more. However, one element that might make a significant difference to your podcast’s success is a podcast blog.


In this article, we’ll be looking at a podcast blog and why it might be critical for the success of your show.


What is a Podcast Blog?


A podcast blog is a written form of your podcast episodes. They’re different from a transcript, which is a word-for-word text version of your podcast episodes. Instead, these are written forms where you can summarise, expand, or cover the subject in detail on your website’s blog.


Within the blog, there should be a space where you place a player for the podcast, where the episode you’re referring to can be played (or downloaded) by the reader. If you have a video podcast, you can use the YouTube embed feature to add the episode to your website page.


Structure your podcast blog so there are headers and text areas on the blog post. You should also include images and videos, if applicable.


What are the Benefits of a Podcast Blog?


There are numerous benefits of a podcast blog. These benefits aren’t just about the podcast, it can also help your business brand. Here are the benefits of having a podcast blog.


Creates SEO Material


One of the first things to consider is how people will find you on Google or other search engines. Audio content is not easily ranked, and while your show notes might include some of the keywords of the episode, that doesn’t mean that it is the best for ranking.


Instead, you need to create content like blog posts to improve the ranking of particular episodes. For every episode you create a blog post for, you’re expanding the number of keywords your brand can rank for. It creates ways to link between articles which improves ranking on Google.


The more times you rank, and the higher you rank, the more traffic that will come to your website. And it can help with listener numbers, which can be important for charging more to your sponsors.


Adds Engagement Opportunities


When you create blog posts on your website, you need to be sure that there is an end goal to the blog post. You might consider that getting them to listen to your podcast is a good goal, but you must also think longer-term.


One option is to get them to subscribe to your mailing list or to follow you on social media. These allow you to market to your audience regularly, and you can generate higher profits from your podcast.


Reduces Content Creation Idea Generation


Everyone knows that content is king. But the problem is being able to generate lots of ideas and being able to create them all. Using your podcasts as a template and having content written about them, then you can use one idea and cover several different platforms without needing to overthink your content schedule.


The blog post and episode can also be used across other platforms, like social media and email marketing, allowing you to save more time on creating fresh ideas and spend more time making the most of a good idea.


Tips For the Best Podcast Blogs


To ensure that you have the best podcast blog, you need to consider some of the best practices that are helping others make a success of their shows. Here are some of the factors that can help.


Ensure Keywords Are Optimum


The first thing to do is ensure you’re using the right keywords. Keywords need to have a high valuation, which is a combination of difficulty (how many other brands are using it) and search volume (how many are using that keyword in search engines). Ideally, you want a high-volume and low-competition keyword, but that isn’t always the case.


Sometimes, you want to use a keyword so much because there are no other words that can relate to the topic. However, it is important to always consider that you might want to use keywords with low volume and also low competition to ensure some blog posts are going to rank.


Word Length


The length of your podcast blog posts is a challenging subject. Research has found that blog posts that are either 300 to 400 words or 1100 to 1300 words long are the best for ranking. But that doesn’t mean that blog posts that are outside of these ranges will fail. Therefore you might want to experiment.


What you do want to consider is what is the valuation of the blog post. Are you trying to get people to read the blog post for a complex understanding of the episode, or as an advertisement of the episode?


You do want to make sure that your blog post is long enough that you can fit at least two H2 tags in your content. These should include your keywords, to help Google know what your blog post is about.


The Podcast Blog Choice


As just mentioned, you need to consider the style for the podcast blog choice. There are two options: either a blog post that could be standalone but does contain the podcast episode, or one that is used as an introduction.


You don’t want to have numerous styles on your website. So instead, choose one style and stick with it.




Media is critical when it comes to the success of blog posts. Most people will leave a blog post if there are no interesting images on it. Therefore, always use the best images that can help you portray the subject.

Try to use your own images, as stock images can reduce the success of your ranking, with Google seems to reduce the rank of websites that use an abundance of stock images.


Link to Other Parts of the Website


To help your website rank, remember to continuously add links from blog posts to other parts of your website. One option is to link to other blog posts, but you can also link to service pages or perhaps reviews, contact, about, and the home page.


Try to have at least two to three internal links on your website. And don’t forget to try to include one external link at the same time. It will help you rank higher on Google.


FAQs: Why is a Podcast Blog Critical for Success


How long should my podcast blog be?


It depends on the purpose of the podcast blog. Those that are there as a quick summary to encourage audiences to listen, should be shorter. However, longer podcast blog posts can also encourage people to listen to podcasts.


Do I have to give every detail about the episode in the podcast blog?


No, leaving something for just the listeners can help to encourage those reading that they should listen to the episode. You can even hint at it in the blog post, to let them know that only listeners will get all the information.


Can I hire someone to write the content?


Hiring a freelancer to help you write your podcast blog can be a great way to increase the content going out and improve your website’s ranking. A good writer can help bring more traffic to a website without an issue.


Final Word: Why is a Podcast Blog Critical for Success


A podcast blog is critical for success. It allows you to use one content idea across platforms and also helps episodes to be found by the casual searcher online. The workload for creating a podcast blog is far less daunting than writing unique and fresh blog posts all the time, as you have already done the research.


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