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Best Podcast Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a large corporation, you can benefit from a podcast as part of your marketing strategy. If you already have a podcast but are unsatisfied with its direction, consult a podcast production agency like Produce Your Podcast. With a digital marketing strategy, you can benefit from a team of specialists working with you to achieve your goals.

What Does Podcast Marketing Include?

A successful launch of your podcast and future episodes requires a tried and tested marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy should be tailored to your business, although it’s not just about getting high listener numbers. You might, for example, want to tap into a specific local market to generate leads for your local service-based business. If you want to focus on generating revenue from advertising, then this is something we can also support you with.


To begin with, ensure that your podcast is high quality so you have got a great product to market. Use the right equipment, run soundchecks, secure intro voice overs, plan your materials and the episode, arrange quality guests, and edit the podcast. When producing a podcast, there is a lot to do; this is where the team at Produce Your Podcast can help.

Your Podcast Marketing Strategy

A clear podcast marketing strategy will ensure a smooth launch of your podcast. Here are five ways to market your podcast, but there are others. The more places you reach, the more people will have the chance to listen to your show!

1. Contact Your Clients/Customers


First of all, you want to make sure your current customers and clients are aware of your new podcast show to help get your show some initial listeners who already trust your brand. It will also provide another way of connecting with your customers and clients. You can connect with traditional leaflets, social media, or your mailing list.

2. Advertise on Your Website


Your website should be a focus for attracting new leads through organic searches. For this, have a regularly updated website, new content added frequently, and an SEO strategy. Whether you have a healthy website or not, your website is the first contact for many new clients or customers, so you should advertise your podcast on your website.

3. Podcast Platforms


Depending on where your podcast will be released, you can plan a strategy to attract new listeners. Get your show title and episode description right to attract the audience you want to reach, which is especially important on YouTube, for example.

4. Social Media Platforms


Use additional social media platforms to reach the right audience for your podcast series. For example, LinkedIn is an important platform to reach out to like-minded business owners if you host a B2B podcast.

5. Reuse Your Content


Your podcast episodes will provide you with a wealth of marketing materials. You can use guest quotes to entice listeners on social media and use your episodes to produce accompanying blog posts.

A Long Term Podcast Marketing Strategy

Allow your episodes to inspire you; try new strategies for podcast marketing as new ideas and techniques develop. Maintain consistency so your audience recognizes your brand but also adapts as well.


Plan your podcast marketing milestones, and when you achieve your goals, you should celebrate them, no matter how small! Hosting a podcast is a journey – we can support you on the way.

FAQs: Best Podcast Marketing Strategy

What podcast marketing strategy should I use?


You will need to determine a podcast marketing strategy tailored to your business. The Produce Your Podcast marketing experts can help with this.

Do I need a podcast marketing plan?


Yes, absolutely. A marketing plan will give you direction and help you keep on track. You can then celebrate your achievements.

What are the best podcast marketing tips?


Have a marketing strategy for existing clients and customers and a strategy for attracting new listeners.

Final Word: Best Podcast Marketing Strategy


A podcast marketing strategy can appear challenging at first, but it’s really about identifying ways to reach existing customers and clients and new ones. Identify your target market and define them to help with your marketing plan. The tips above are a good starting point, but there’s always more that you can do. What is your top marketing tip? Let us know in the comments below.


Produce Your Podcast is a premier podcast consulting, production & marketing agency. Our team of experts provides comprehensive, full-service quality solutions for B2B clients to incorporate podcasting into their overall marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help launch or grow your business-branded podcast and boost your sales and marketing goals, we’re here to help. 


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