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What Are Fictional Podcasts?

There are many different types of podcasts, including fictional podcasts. This is an ideal format for those writing literature who wish to reach people with their writing. If you have the expertise and experience to produce great fiction, this might be the ideal type of podcast for you.


A fictional podcast is an ideal option for professional authors, those who produce magazines with fictional articles or it could just be a personal project.


What Makes a Great Podcast?


To get the most out of your fictional podcast, it must be high-quality, including the sound and graphics, which should all look professional. A clear goal will help you maintain focus and choose which direction to head in when planning your episodes. You also need a clear structure for each episode and a plan for your podcast series. High-quality podcast episodes will help you build listener numbers and increase listener retention.


What Type of Fictional Podcast?


A Personal Fictional Podcast


One reason for starting a fictional podcast is as a personal project. You likely enjoy creative writing and looking for a platform to share your work. You still need a structure for your podcast. Are you going to read your work in installments? Perhaps you might wish to read segments of your work and inspire other writers with what you have learned and achieved this week.


If you plan to offer advice rather than just the next installment in your work, ensure you have an actionable point for your listeners to implement in their creative writing. A clear take-home point gives your listeners a reason to return to your podcast every week.


Ensure you establish a clear niche for your writing. Don’t read a kids story one week and then a crime story the next! Ensure your podcast brand is consistent, even if it feels like a personal project.


Professional Fictional Podcast


As a professional author, a podcast is a great way to grow a loyal following and reach a wider audience. There are several ways to approach this. You might wish to read through one of your novels weekly. Then, you can place ads for purchasing your novel. This will work best if you have written several books you can promote.


You might prefer to read extracts of your novels and promote them this way. Many readers like to get to know the author behind the story. You could work with a co-host who could interview you on your novels – a great way to expand the topics beyond just the writing itself as you can talk about the inspiration behind the stories.


As an experienced writer you can also share your expertise as a writer. Alternatively, you might want to hire someone to read your novel for you.


Serial Fictional Podcast


If you produce a magazine that publishes fiction or have an online fictional blog, then a podcast is a great way to tap into another medium and raise awareness of your brand. If you can produce original content exclusive to your podcast, you can promote this to your current readers.


Fans can be excited to find that their favorite online author has just launched a new way to follow them. Podcasts are a popular medium for entertainment, so you should consider branching out. Just remember to ensure your podcast sounds professional and each episode is high-quality.


Fictional Education Podcast


You might have extensive experience in fictional writing and want to share this with others. You can plan your podcast series to go through the steps to creating fictional writing, and the goal could be for your listeners to each produce their piece of fictional writing. This lends itself to a great structure, and as you teach your listeners how to produce and write a novel or short story, you can provide them with an actionable take-home point after each episode.


This style will work well on social media as you can build a community around your podcast with other listeners able to meet online and share their progress and experiences.


FAQs: Fictional Podcasts


What Are Fictional Podcasts?


Fictional podcasts are podcasts where the host or hosts read fictional content.


How Do I Start a Fictional Podcast


You will need to produce a high-quality and professional-sounding podcast. There’s lots of advice on starting a podcast on the Produce Your Podcast blog.


Do I need to be a Writer to Start a Fictional Podcast?


If you enjoy writing, you might also enjoy hosting a personal fictional podcast, but it’s best to have some experience and expertise when starting a podcast.


Final Word: What Are Fictional Podcasts?


If you’re a fictional writer looking to expand your reach, you might want to consider starting a fictional podcast. A fictional podcast is a podcast where fiction of some sort is read to the audience. It could be just an audio recording or a video as well.


You might choose to read extracts from your novels and then tell your readers about your inspiration and the topics behind the story. Or you might want to serialize one of your novels. If you write fiction as a blog or magazine, you might want to produce some original content for a podcast to expand your reach and provide your audience with a new way to engage with your brand.


However, if you decide to set up your fictional podcast, it must be professionally put together and sound high-quality. If you’re unsure how to achieve this, consult a podcast production agency like Produce You Podcast. With over eight years of experience in this field, you can benefit from a wealth of experience and get your fictional podcast off to a great start.


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