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Good ideas for a podcast: 12 to Consider Before Starting

Are you looking to start a podcast? While you might have the drive, the equipment, and skills, you might be stuck on the topic, niche, or format. There are many good ideas for a podcast that you could use.

At Produce Your Podcast, we specialize in B2B podcasts, including a wide subject area from marketing to finances. You can cover a wide availability of topics or be very specific. Look at some of the podcasts on our portfolio, and you can see Profit First Nation and others that can show you the potential of your podcast. Business podcasts can also allow you to have a rolling list of guests. Or you can do case studies of how businesses have been successful or failed.

In this article, we will look at some business specialist areas for a podcast you can use.

Business Leadership

Business leadership is a hot topic for business owners and others. There are more than 10,000 searches a month for leadership skills, although competition is tough. However, you can cover this in various ways, looking at case studies about how business leaders have approached challenges or new opportunities. Or you could look at how people can enhance their business leadership skills.


Whether considering how business owners automate their systems to be more cost-effective or how to manage systems to improve quality control, operations can be a great topic. You can bring in new podcast guests to talk about case studies where they’ve seen problems like bottlenecks or loss of quality control and how they fixed the issues.

There’s less of a search for operational content, but still demand from high-end executives and business leaders, which means you could have a lot of potential clients listening to your podcast.

Employee Management

Businesses are run by management, but staff help make a business a success. Employee management podcasts can cover a range of topics every week, such as conflict management, motivation, retention, training, and other topics. These are all great ideas for people at various levels of the management structure.


While some might include this with employee management, recruitment could be its own topic. And you could have a whole industry listening to you, recruitment consultants, regularly. Recruitment can cover fascinating topics such as how to advertise job roles, how to check credentials, run interviews, and more. You can also deal not just from the employer’s point of view but also from the candidate’s point of view, especially if you want to talk about C-level positions.


Marketing is a very common podcast topic, and that is because it is a very rich subject. You can specialize, discussing one particular focus like social media, SEO, or print marketing. Or you can be more generalist. You will find that there is no limit to the number of guests that might appear on your show. Or you can have a rota of regular guests that you welcome back time and again.

Marketing is a very effective topic because there’s a lot of interest in it, but you have to distinguish yourself from others on the market. If you cover the same topic, in the same way, you might get lost in the noise.

Business News

Business news is another podcast format that is very popular with listeners in the US. It is particularly popular with commuters, who like to get bite-sized news information while on their way to work. Business news podcasts tend to be shorter in format but also released daily. Therefore, they take a lot of work.

If you’re successful, you can build a strong team and get some good sponsorship. You might also want to run a website alongside your business news podcast to get the best results.


Business finances are really important. Without cash flow, businesses cannot survive. Therefore, you could become an inspiration for business leaders on how to get their finances in better order. You can cover a wide range of topics, from pricing to cost-saving. These can include guests from finance businesses or perhaps real-life examples of how business finances have been affected by the global economy.


Those who are often searching the internet the most for business tips are those who are starting their first business. Therefore, you can create a startup business podcast. In this, you can cover a wide range of topics that you can find in any of the other topics covered in this subject. However, you can do these at a different level, more suitable for those who are just starting. And you can have numerous guests on your show, helping to promote smaller businesses that are just starting and need the publicity.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The world of mergers and acquisitions is a fascinating topic that deserves to be covered. Every day there are businesses bought and sold. And you can cover these from all sorts of levels. You can cover stories from some of the biggest corporation takeovers, or you can cover smaller stories that might not make the news otherwise. Assess what went right, what has gone wrong, and what could have been done differently for both businesses to make deals better for all parties.


Tax might not be a topic that is thought about all year round. However, people should be thinking about taxes throughout the year. In a podcast, you can cover topics such as keeping money aside for the annual tax bill, how to reduce the tax burden, and what taxes people should be prepared to pay.

Customer Service

Another topic that you might want to cover is how to service customers better. By offering tips that can better improve customer service, you can help listeners improve their customer retention, which can improve profit margins. In addition, you might be able to provide information on how they can get more reviews and respond to negative reviews.

Crisis Management

Crisis management might not be something that people think of when it comes to running a business but being prepared for the worst helps businesses to survive through tough times. A crisis management podcast can help listeners create a crisis management team, policies, and procedures as well as how to implement them and when, so businesses can survive anything, including bad publicity, supply issues, and even national/world crises like those seen in the pandemic.

FAQs: Good ideas for a Podcast: 12 to Consider Before Starting

What is the best topic for a podcast?

There are numerous topics that you could cover for a podcast. What you’re looking for is a topic you’re passionate about and can talk confidently about.

Can you cover more than one topic on a podcast?

Yes, you can cover more than one topic for a podcast, but that isn’t always the best option unless you can find a way to blend them in seamlessly.

Final Word: Good Ideas for a Podcast: 12 to Consider Before Starting

There are numerous different niches that you can start a podcast with. If you’re looking for good ideas for a podcast, it is best to start with the topics that you’re passionate about. These are the ones which you’re most likely to succeed with. Above we have some great ideas for you to consider.

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