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10 Podcast SEO Tips

SEO (search engine optimization) marketing of your podcast is a complex skill that is often overlooked but necessary. If you don’t know where to begin, you’ll need some podcast SEO tips to get you started. Your podcast is a great way to get your brand heard, but you need to support it with a marketing package that includes various activities to increase your organic listeners.


Here, we share ten podcast SEO tips to get you started.


10 Great Podcast SEO Tips


SEO, or search engine optimization, is how you enhance your website or podcast landing page to increase your rank on search engines like Google. It takes an average of 15 interactions for customers to purchase from a brand, so consider setting up a website to accompany your podcast if you’ve not already done so. You should ensure your podcast introduction on podcast platforms like Spotify is optimized as well.


Podcasts are a great way to share your expertise and knowledge. There’s significant competition for podcast listeners, so you must use SEO techniques to help your podcast stand out. There are over 2 million active podcasts. Your podcast should offer listeners actionable advice to enhance their lifestyle or work. These potential listeners will likely be searching for answers to specific queries or looking for a podcast on a particular theme. This is what you need to tap into with SEO.


Here are our ten podcast SEO tips


1. Keywords for your Podcast Introduction


If you are ready to write your podcast introduction, you’ll already have a good idea of the topic and theme of your podcast. You’ll need to decide on your keywords and phrases and use them in your introduction. It’s easy to miss out on SEO on a description like this.


2. Keywords for Each Episode


Keywords should not just be one word – try to select a phrase because this helps the search engine match your website with people’s inquiries and search criteria. An episode introduction is relatively short, so you’ll only need to mention your keyword two or three times.

Don’t overdo the mention of your keyword!


3. Keywords for your website


You can use free keyword-generating tools to determine suitable keywords to target. This is quite a skilled process where you identify a word or phrase that is commonly searched for.

Consider the competition, which indicates the difficulty of getting ranked for a keyword. It can be better to select a keyword less frequently searched for, if it has significantly less competition than others.


4. Optimize images


Optimize your images. You can do this by putting them in the correct format and using an appropriate size. This can be someone experienced in website maintenance. If you are unsure of this process, speak to an expert. There are simpler ways to partially optimize an image. You can use Canva, a free graphic design tool to amend the size of your image for its function.


5. Have a Blog


High-quality blog content can help you get your podcast noticed. Your blog articles should be original and relevant. Include statistics you have researched to demonstrate your expertise. Your blog articles can relate to your podcast episodes. Consider what the key topic of your podcast is and then use this phrase to find keywords or answer questions that people are searching for.


6. Add meta titles


Meta titles are the title of the page on the tab on a website. Meta titles have to be within 55-60 characters in length. It sounds very technical but it’s straightforward to write a meta title and add it to your website once you get used to the process. If you are not maintaining your website, speak to your web designer or an expert.


7. Add meta descriptions


Much the same as meta titles, a meta description goes on your website page to tell the search engine what your webpage or blog is all about. A meta description should be between 155 and 160 characters. It can be challenging to write a meta description that makes sense. This is also straightforward once you get used to the process.


8. Good techniques


You need good branding for your podcast, and this needs to be consistent. It’s important when using SEO that you remain true to your brand which means you shouldn’t include keywords irrelevant to your brand to get seen. When including a keyword, use it in the text as naturally as possible and avoid keyword stuffing. This is when the text is unnecessarily full of keywords. A keyword density of 1% is sufficient.


9. Mobile friendly


Your website should be mobile-optimized to support your SEO efforts. If you are starting a website, make sure the theme is labeled as mobile-friendly. It also helps if your images are a sensible size for mobiles. Take a look at how your text appears on a mobile. Is there too much text before the pictures?


10. Fast website


A fast website is essential for SEO. When someone asks a query on Google or another search engine, they get shown the best results to match their query. The search engine isn’t going to recommend a slow website that takes over 3 seconds to load, as this will frustrate the viewer.


You can improve the speed of your website, starting with selecting a fast template when your website is made. There are free tests available that you can test the speed of your website with.


FAQs: 10 Podcast SEO tips


What’s the best Podcast SEO tip?


Use keywords to attract the right audience.


How Do I find more SEO tips?


There’s a wealth of information online to help you improve your SEO.


How Do I increase organic listener numbers?


Applying SEO techniques to your website will help you drive organic listeners to your website.


Final Word: 10 Podcast SEO Tips


You’ll want listeners to enjoy your podcast and to gain you revenue, either by generating leads or responding to your advertising. With so many marketing options available, it can be hard to know which is the best. You should try to incorporate as many marketing activities into your podcast plans to reach as many potential listeners as possible. SEO is a great way to increase traffic to your podcast, so take a look at our ten podcast SEO tips and see how many you can implement.


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